An American Baby in Paris, Part I

Planning a first birthday party turned out to be an absolute delight.  I love weddings – and always will – but my daugther’s first birthday party was so much fun.  I don’t really do themes for weddings so it was fun to get really cutesy and into children’s parties.

Cake: TipsyCake
Food: Le Creperie 
Rentals: RevelLeft Bank

All Photos By: TK Photography.

A Welcome to Paris sign (in French) greeted guests as they arrived to Little Beans Cafe.

Since the venue has a sock only policy, I made a sign notifying guests.
It was near the name tags that said “Je m’appelle”. I had name tags for the children because there were a lot of people meeting for the first time at the party!

Complimentary socks were available for the guests –  both children and adults- that happened to be sock-less that day!

The main room of Little Beans is huge and has these with gorgeous skylights.   To bring your eyes up, I tied balloons ties to each chair.  I also rented pink satin linen for the tables for more color!

Each table was decorated with giant Eiffel towers and bird cages.

The sweets table was a true labor of love.  The table was covered in pink linen and had a banner that said “Let them eat cake”.  I used cake stands of varying height to display all of the treats.  The cake was a 3D Eiffel tower designed by Naomi from TipsyCake.  In the background, I hung pastel pink streamers.

Some of the pink treats for the guests.

Outside of the main room, is a little nook for a buffet.  I decorated the room with cards of the French alphabet.  There was also a dress form with a strand of pearls.

We served two different types of savory crepes for our hungry guests!

Who doesn’t love a dress form?  I borrowed this lovely from my good friend Sonia Roselli.

The drinks table: punch and custom water bottles.   For the punch, we had sheer pink glasses with cute straws and straw flags.

The main room had long tables.  Since it was a children’s party, I didn’t want to use anything too delicate.  The Left Bank sells these lovely Eiffel Towers that I coupled with bird cages.

Never underestimate the power of balloons!

In the lounge area, I displayed Francesca’s baby book.

The framed invitation was displayed on the coffee table.

Above the favors, I made a sign that translates to “Thank You, Kisses, Francesca”.

The favors were a custom CD with French nursery songs.

For the older children, I bought individual favors that were more suitable to their age range.

A family photo in the playhouse.

I’ll be posting more about the party tomorrow!

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