Losing Weight, Part II

So after starting with Body After Baby, I lost 7 pounds.  And then, the weight loss stopped.  I talked to my trainer, Jessica, and she asked me about my diet.  Jessica advocates a no sugar diet.  Jessica, who is an amazing trainer, is on crack.  

I eat cake for a living.

Which, I supposed that I could give up cake but isn’t it my job to know about the latest bakeries and truffle shops and by the way, I live less than a block away from the best pie in the city.

She was right though.  I was going to have to change my diet from sustaining my weight to a diet aimed at weight loss.

The first big change was my cup of tea.  I drank a cup of English Breakfast with a splash of skim milk and a teaspoon of raw sugar.  It was my little treat every morning and every afternoon.

Jessica thought otherwise.  She suggested an artificial sweetner.  As a foodie, I balked at the suggestion. Then, she suggested Truvia, which is made from stevia.  Stevia is a natural plant that is uber sweet.  In fact, I went from using a teaspoon of sugar to one sixth of a packet of Truvia.  It’s amazing how much sweetness can come from so few grains.  

Eventually, I am consuming a lot less sugar and treat fruit as a dessert.  I’m still partaking in wedding cake but try to limit myself to having only half a slice.  Well, only if it is mediocre wedding cake!

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