Losing Weight, Part III

These bitches are serious.

Before I begin, let me digress.  I hate classes.  Classes are great for people that have coordination.  But I tend to be turning left while everyone turns right, if you know what I mean.  I cannot move my arms and legs at the same time without falling down.  I have fallen off an elliptical. Twice.  I read Cosmopolitan in my 8th grade gym class. I have not a single bit of coordination.

So I tend to roll my eyes whenever anyone tells me about the fabulous workout they are getting by taking a class.  These are not my people.

So when I found out that I won a package of three months of unlimited classes at The Dailey Method, my immediate reaction was complete ingratitude.  There was no way that I was going to make use of this package.  When I went to the website, I found out that I could get childcare for as low as $5 a class and they had free parking.

Wasn’t I just complaining about how I needed to amp up my weight loss?  I was a little over four months away from my daughter’s second birthday.   I could no longer actually call these extra pounds baby weight.

So I decided to throw myself into The Dailey Method.  I scheduled myself up for three classes a week on top of my twice-weekly training sessions. Five times a week.  I hadn’t regularly worked out five times a week since 2009.  But if I wanted my old body, then I was going to have to go back to my old ways.

I am in the middle of my 11th week and can say that I love it.  You don’t need coordination to master The Dailey Method.  You do need the ability to give 100% focus during the 60 minute class so that you can practice your form and breathing.  I am in such great shape and my stamina is amazing.  I am so glad that I gave The Dailey Method a shot. 

PS. If you don’t live near Bucktown, don’t despair.  They are opening a second location in Lincoln Park this fall.

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