Anne Sportun Trunk Show at Virtu


Virtu is hosting a Anne Sportun trunk show this weekend at their Bucktown store.  The trunk show will be featuring the Anne Sportun Fall Bridal and studio lines. Any orders placed at the show will receive 10% off and will be available before the holidays!

Trunk Show
Friday, November 2nd 4-8PM
Saturday, November 3rd 11-6PM
Sunday 11-5PM


2034 N Damen Ave.


In the last two months, I have three prospective clients ask me about inspiration.  It is a fascinating question, actually.  I don’t have to necessarily go to an event to be inspired (although I was recently, and cannot wait to show you the photos!)  I often get it in the most unexpected places.

I was looking through my latest issue of W and was struck by these fabulous shoes.  They look like vessels (for you feet but also for flowers).  I have always liked the idea of dressing up the vase rather than plain, simple glass.  Can you picture these shoes as vessels?  I can and think they would look perfect in a very specific modern space, like Terzo Piano or the MCA.

Nothing bothers me more than white linens.. unless we’re doing a white wedding.  Can’t you see a linen similar to this gown?  It would be amazing!
(It would also be amazing to actually own this dress.)

Sometimes, I am drawn to a photo or image without a clear direction on why or how I want to use it.  I do adore this photo (can you feel the love between the two of them?) but have been looking at it again and again lately.  I’m not sure why exactly.  The dress is designed by Narcisco Rodriquez, who has a collection coming out next week for Kohl’s. (What is it with the fashion set and Kohl’s?  The store makes me shudder.)

Neiman Marcus + Target Holiday Collection. I want it all!

I am so not even close to tiring of these limited edition collections that designers are doing for stores.  But my all time favorite (can anything beat Missoni for Target?) might be arriving on December 1st.  Neiman Marcus is offering a Holiday Collection for Target.  Let me say that one more time:  

Neiman Marcus and Target, together!  

Both of these stores are loved equally in my heart.  Neiman Marcus is an exquisite department store with amazing customer service while Target seamlessly blends functionality and fashion together.  The collaboration of both stores is pure genius.

The 55 piece holiday collection, which you can see in it’s entirety at Refinery 29, is AMAZING!  Seriously, I am trying to find a way to re-purpose the Oscar de la Renta pet bowl seeing as I don’t own a pet.  And wrapping paper!  Oh, and I will also take a dress for me and a dress for my daughter.


I love each and every item because they are all oh- so- fabulous but also because the collection is curated in such a way that it reminds me of the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.  If you aren’t familiar with the holiday catalog,  you are missing out on a true voyeuristic pleasure.  I write voyeur because really, how many of “us” can afford the special edition McLaren offered this year?  Well, I can tell you:  A dozen as the car sold out within two hours.

36 days until I’m in line at my local Target at 9AM to stalk the shelves.  I hope to get ever single item on my wish list!

My Anna Karenina Wardrobe

I haven’t blogged in far too long.  I actually told myself that I would blog until my photo issues (if you look at past blog posts, some of the images have been removed) were resolved with Google.  The problem is still going on but I decided to start blogging again. It isn’t as though Google cares if I stop blogging, right?! Sigh.

There are a ton of blog posts but I am most excited about the upcoming movie, Anna Karenina.  I haven’t read the book yet (don’t judge) but am going to start it tomorrow.  Given that I normally read 8 books at a time, I think I should be able to finish the book by the movie release date, November 16th.

The movie looks to be amazing period piece that is probably going to have me swoon.  After a good movie, I am always inspired.  Besides want to take all of the fabulous details and incorporate them into a wedding, I usually want to wear the costumes.  Well, it looks as though I am in luck as Banana Republic is doing a capsule collection inspired by the film.  I wish that I could share more but it appears that Banana isn’t sharing everything online.   

Photo of the print ad showing the amazing lace box clutch 

InStyle Magazine has 12 looks but they don’t share prices or details on the items.  Below are my three favorites.

Hopefully, Banana Republic will release more details about the collection!  I’m eager to add these items to my wish list!

Origami Perfection

This one shoulder silk dress by Carmen Marc is making me swoon.  I love the origami pleats on the bodice of the gown.  Although I tend to not like simple gowns (or flowers or anything, really!), I just love this dress.

Nordstrom has been doing an amazing job with The Wedding Suite.  I cannot wait to see what is being planned for 2013!

Losing Weight, Part IV

I will be honest: I haven’t done anything to lose any more weight since getting back from vacation.  I was just too exhausted to think about working out or eating super healthy.  I have started watching my eating but I really need to jump back into working out five days a week.

This weekend, I am working out for free!  On Saturday, luluemon is having an in-store workout at their Bucktown location with The Dailey Method.  On Sunday, I am taking advantage of a free pass at The Bar Method.  It’s closer to my house than TDM so I wanted to see if I like it just as much.

My goal for next week: 
Wear lululemon while working out, not lounging.  (But man, those pants are so comfortable, I need at least one day a week where I do nothing but lounge in lulu).

Down with the Dengue.

Dengue Fever.  Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn’t until I was diagnosed.  Seems a mosquito in the rain forest decided to leave me with a little treat on my last day in Panama.  I was out of commission, for the most part, for a little over two weeks.  Even a month later, I am not 100% better.  Dengue Fever makes the exhaustion from a newborn look like a piece of cake.

I really love taking a two week vacation, a habit that I picked up when I lived in Rome.  The trip is so much more relaxing than a long weekend or even week long trip.  I usually come back completely recharged.  This year was a completely different story.  I had to get back to work but could really only work for a few hours at a time.   The good news is that it just takes time and 

I am finally getting back to normal hours and will be back to regular blogging.

I have started looking into some assistance (besides Red Bull) to make it through the day.  I am starting acupuncture and Vitamin B12 supplements.  If you have any other advice, please share!  I’m up for anything.

Until tomorrow, here is a photo of me and my family in a rain forest in Boquete.