Down with the Dengue.

Dengue Fever.  Have you ever heard of it?  I hadn’t until I was diagnosed.  Seems a mosquito in the rain forest decided to leave me with a little treat on my last day in Panama.  I was out of commission, for the most part, for a little over two weeks.  Even a month later, I am not 100% better.  Dengue Fever makes the exhaustion from a newborn look like a piece of cake.

I really love taking a two week vacation, a habit that I picked up when I lived in Rome.  The trip is so much more relaxing than a long weekend or even week long trip.  I usually come back completely recharged.  This year was a completely different story.  I had to get back to work but could really only work for a few hours at a time.   The good news is that it just takes time and 

I am finally getting back to normal hours and will be back to regular blogging.

I have started looking into some assistance (besides Red Bull) to make it through the day.  I am starting acupuncture and Vitamin B12 supplements.  If you have any other advice, please share!  I’m up for anything.

Until tomorrow, here is a photo of me and my family in a rain forest in Boquete.

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