Losing Weight, Part IV

I will be honest: I haven’t done anything to lose any more weight since getting back from vacation.  I was just too exhausted to think about working out or eating super healthy.  I have started watching my eating but I really need to jump back into working out five days a week.

This weekend, I am working out for free!  On Saturday, luluemon is having an in-store workout at their Bucktown location with The Dailey Method.  On Sunday, I am taking advantage of a free pass at The Bar Method.  It’s closer to my house than TDM so I wanted to see if I like it just as much.

My goal for next week: 
Wear lululemon while working out, not lounging.  (But man, those pants are so comfortable, I need at least one day a week where I do nothing but lounge in lulu).

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