My Anna Karenina Wardrobe

I haven’t blogged in far too long.  I actually told myself that I would blog until my photo issues (if you look at past blog posts, some of the images have been removed) were resolved with Google.  The problem is still going on but I decided to start blogging again. It isn’t as though Google cares if I stop blogging, right?! Sigh.

There are a ton of blog posts but I am most excited about the upcoming movie, Anna Karenina.  I haven’t read the book yet (don’t judge) but am going to start it tomorrow.  Given that I normally read 8 books at a time, I think I should be able to finish the book by the movie release date, November 16th.

The movie looks to be amazing period piece that is probably going to have me swoon.  After a good movie, I am always inspired.  Besides want to take all of the fabulous details and incorporate them into a wedding, I usually want to wear the costumes.  Well, it looks as though I am in luck as Banana Republic is doing a capsule collection inspired by the film.  I wish that I could share more but it appears that Banana isn’t sharing everything online.   

Photo of the print ad showing the amazing lace box clutch 

InStyle Magazine has 12 looks but they don’t share prices or details on the items.  Below are my three favorites.

Hopefully, Banana Republic will release more details about the collection!  I’m eager to add these items to my wish list!

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