In the last two months, I have three prospective clients ask me about inspiration.  It is a fascinating question, actually.  I don’t have to necessarily go to an event to be inspired (although I was recently, and cannot wait to show you the photos!)  I often get it in the most unexpected places.

I was looking through my latest issue of W and was struck by these fabulous shoes.  They look like vessels (for you feet but also for flowers).  I have always liked the idea of dressing up the vase rather than plain, simple glass.  Can you picture these shoes as vessels?  I can and think they would look perfect in a very specific modern space, like Terzo Piano or the MCA.

Nothing bothers me more than white linens.. unless we’re doing a white wedding.  Can’t you see a linen similar to this gown?  It would be amazing!
(It would also be amazing to actually own this dress.)

Sometimes, I am drawn to a photo or image without a clear direction on why or how I want to use it.  I do adore this photo (can you feel the love between the two of them?) but have been looking at it again and again lately.  I’m not sure why exactly.  The dress is designed by Narcisco Rodriquez, who has a collection coming out next week for Kohl’s. (What is it with the fashion set and Kohl’s?  The store makes me shudder.)

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