Honey Bee Weddings at the University of Chicago

Earlier this month, I was asked to speak at the Women in Business Conference at the University of Chicago.  It was such an amazing opportunity and I am so thrilled that I was able to participate.  I was on the panel for Careers in Creative Fields along with amazing group of women:

Julia Failey, owner of Julia Failey Jewelry
Cecelia Myers, CEO of Cakestyle
Kathleen Wright, Founder of Collaborative Group
Shelly Rothstein of Honey Bee Weddings served as the Panel Moderator.  Of course, she did an excellent job!

I spoke about my background, which was invigorating, because I definitely took the road less traveled to become a wedding planner!  The panel also discussed their typical day (there is no typical day was the same answer across the board!), our motivations, expectations, challenges, marketing, and advice for the crowd.

It’s hard to promote yourself on your blog without feeling like you are bragging to the world.  But I recently read a motivational email that encouraged entrepreneurs to celebrate the small victories. So I am celebrating this one!

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