Best Wishes!

Tis the season of newly engaged brides!  If you are newly engaged, you might be thinking that you should start planning.  Before you do, please take some time to ENJOY your engagement.  Once the planning begins, it is a whirlwind of activity. 

Why don’t you…

Get a manicure.  You are going to be showing your engagement ring to all of your friends and family.  Make sure your nails look as lovely as your new ring.

Insure your ring.  If you fiance didn’t already do so, now is the time to insure your ring.  The insurance can be added through an existing home owner’s policy.

Announce your engagement.  While your first instinct might be Facebook, wait until you have called your closest friends and family.  They’ll want to hear the news directly from you.

Once you’re ready to start the planning,  the first three things I would do is…

Decide on your vision.  Before you look at a single venue, think about your wedding vision.  Have you and your fiance come up with six words to describe your wedding.  It will help keep your focus when you become overwhelmed by wedding magazines, Pinterest, and blogs.
Think numbers.  Decide on the size of your wedding and your wedding budget.  It’s hard to start any of the planning without knowing if the guest list is going to be 150 or 300.  And you really, really have to have a budget.  

Attend a bridal event.  We’re hosting The Bridal Lounge at the James next Thursday, January 17th.  Please click here for all of the details! Shameless plug aside, but bridal events (which are not the same as awful expos) are a lot of fun!  

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