Trendy Nail Styles

In the midst of all the wedding planning chaos, don’t forget to spend the time to pamper yourself!   While you will probably do a more natural look for your wedding day, there are a ton of new styles that would be fun for your Bachelorette Party!  Here are a few of our favorite nail trends…what are some of yours?

A Twist on the French
If you love the idea of a french manicure but want to be a bit more unique, try out a reverse french manicure with color or glitter or a bright neon instead of classic white on the tips.

Matte Manicure
Just like most trendy manicure styles, matte nails can look horrible if they are not done the right way. Make sure to try out a few different colors and brands to find one that you like best. This is OPI La Paz-Itvely Hot Matte.
Textured Nails
I like the thought of adding texture to your nails. The caviar manicure trend was hot for a while, but here is another idea. If you have small lace details incorporated into your wedding, I think this manicure is totally fun and worth the time and effort. 

Nail Art + Design
There are so many options for nail designs these days. I’ve seen animal print, flowers, logos, stripes, polka dots…the list goes on and on! Here is a tip: if there is a color or theme running through your wedding that would be fun to incorporate into your nail design…have fun and go for it! 

                                    via                                                          via

Chrome “Mirror” Nails

The chrome manicure is simple, modern, clean, and chic, but will still make your nails stand out from the rest. Kits for these types of manicures are available in stores like Sephora. 

What are some of your favorite nail trends? Comment below and let us know!

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