Do a Favor, Receive a Favor

I love it when a bride decides that her wedding favors will be a donation to her favorite charity. The gift is heartwarming, and shows gratitude on behalf of the couple. If you are still on the fence about giving guests an actual gift versus a charitable donation, the following ideas prove that both are possible. 

1. Truffles for a Cause

This organization supports many significant causes, including medical, animal and humanitarian charities. After donating, you will receive chocolate truffles as wedding favors in return. 

2. Arbor Day Foundation

The Arbor Day Foundation has plenty of gifts to give, including these adorable gift trees. Donate “green” and find the gift that makes the most sense for your guests here

3. Sweet Beginnings

Sweet Beginnings is one of my favorites! This local green company naturally makes honey and creates skin care products that are infused with honey. The best part? They offer jobs to previously incarcerated individuals. Find out more about Sweet Beginnings and shop here

4. Greyston Bakery

Proceeds from these delicious purchases will go toward supporting community outreach and job training programs. Buy brownies, cookies and more treats here

5. Chocomize 

After customizing chocolate bars with 5 of your favorite ingredients, you can select 3 different charities to donate toward. Now you and your groom can finally agree on something. 🙂 Create your dream chocolate bar here!

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