Filling in the Gaps for Fall/ Winter

I always consider shopping this time of the year an enjoyable challenge   Instead of seeking out complete looks,  I am in search of a few pieces that will complete my existing wardrobe.  Right now, I am seeking out these five pieces to finish out the Fall / Winter 2013 season.

Anthropologie New Light Dress
My lace obsession has been going strong for the past few years.  I am not a big Anthropologie wearer (I always think of one of my brides that wore the brand religiously) but this dress is too cute not to pass up.  I could use a little color since I have bought nothing but black this season.

Comme des Garçons ‘Large’ Classic Pouch
While I already have a black and gold pouch by Marc by Marc Jacobs, I love the color.  I think the pouch has the potential of becoming a new staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  It is so easy to throw a pouch in your tote and then take it out for the evening.  

Zara Masculine Studio Overcoat
It is surprising how few high street brands offered a pastel coat this season.  It’s everywhere in the designer world but I really want something under the $500 mark.  My only problem with the coat is that I am pretty sure I am going to have to spend the cost of the coat at my tailor. Sigh. The struggles with being under five feet continue.

Top Shop Leather A Line Skirt from the Kate Bosworth Collection
I have always loved leather.  While I thought that I could get by with just one leather skirt this season, I swooned when I saw this A-line skirt in Lucky Magazine.  It’s still not in the stores but I am going to order online.  It’ll go perfectly with my poofy sleeved Valentino sweater from a few seasons ago.

Aldo Rise by Preen Fanni Cut-out Shootie
Black and gold is everywhere so my contrary self has been yearning for some black and silver. The Aldo Preen collaboration is small but this boot fits the bill.  I love the hardware and think it will look good with a number of skirts and dresses already in my wardrobe.

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