Honey Bee Weddings is Featured in Chicago Hustles Magazine

So while I was at ALT (the follow-up post is coming tomorrow), I went to the tattoo parlor party hosted by Mail Chimp and got a (temporary) tattoo. Let me tell you, a neck tat is so not who I am, but it was fun for a few days. (Take a peak at my Instagram!) It turned out to be very fitting because Chicago Hustles Magazine just featured me as my life as a wedding planner.

“Hustle means working hard and not giving up. I worked as a consultant for two years full-time while working full-time as a business owner. Two years of many 80 hour weeks was formidable. I am so glad that I took the plunge to be a business owner full-time.”

I am so thankful for the feature.  Thank you Chicago Hustles Magazine.   

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