Register for Artwork with Mishkalo!

Today, many couples struggle to fill out a traditional registry. New options for gifts are more and more appealing to many brides and grooms. One exciting new option in the Chicago area is Mishkalo Wedding Registries. Mishkalo allows couples to create custom registries for original sculptures, paintings, and furniture. 

Mishkalo was conceived by husband-wife team Kishore and Charu Swaminathan. They wanted to create an opportunity to give a memorable, unique gift to couples who may already have a home full of goods and don’t need a traditional registry. 

Couples can browse the extensive Mishkalo collection online and add items to their registry. From their, Mishkalo designs a gorgeous registry and allows guests to pay for all or part of the artwork of their choosing. 

Couples can also commission Mishkalo’s artists to design custom work from personal portraits to abstract visuals. This is a unique and interesting opportunity to own one-of-a-kind artwork and ask your guests to be part of building your perfect home together. 

Mishkalo hopes to be a valuable part of your home after your wedding and throughout your marriage. Check out their website to browse their artwork and create a registry and follow their blog to stay up to date as Mishkalo continues to grow!

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