The Old Post Office Venue Preview

This past October, I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive preview at the newly designed The Old Post Office in Chicago. The venue did a wonderful job with the decoration and execution of the delightful lunch and tour. As soon as I walked into the white marble historic lobby, they had a welcoming staff serving treats and bubbles.

Throughout the tour, there were many beautiful touches to the newly designed Post Office, but my favorite was the Vault room. There was a real spindle wheel handle that showed the authenticity of the Old Post Office. On the ceiling, you could even see the brick from the original post office, which I thought was a great way to incorporate the old with the new.

If the old-style vault doesn’t interest you, they also added bocce, pool, and a wrap-around bar right next to a beautiful view of the Chicago River.

These features of this event space are just fabulous and I can’t wait to see some events in action! I was told there might even be an opening of a rooftop bar… that is, if we will ever get through this winter!

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