Green Wedding Alliance

Green Wedding Alliance 
Along with living an eco-friendly lifestyle, I have recently joined the Green Wedding Alliance this past year. I am excited to say that I have taken a role with the organization as the Membership Committee Chair!

About GWA
We are a group of professional wedding and event-related vendors helping clients in the Chicagoland area find environmentally friendly companies to work with. Our goal is to connect a growing community of environmentally and socially responsible event vendors with our customers that share the same views. We currently have over 50 member vendors and are continuing to grow. If you are looking for vendors for anything from rental & decor to gifts & favors, we would love to help supply you with the most eco-friendly products and services.

My Position 
As the membership committee chair, I help with the application process of companies who wish to join our team! I get to connect with companies and venues that are interested in joining our team by helping them with our application process.

I’m so happy to be apart of this community and work alongside other eco-friendly companies!

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