TipsyCake: Tea, Tipples, and Tasting

We were so excited to help our friends at TipsyCake launch their new location in Bucktown. TipsyCake makes cakes that are both delicious and visually stunning! 

All Photos by Rick Aguilar Studios

Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous specialty cake, an afternoon tea with friends, or a quick sugary pick-me-up TipsyCake’s new Bucktown location is perfect for all three!

The event was called an evening of Tea, Tipples, and Tasting.  The definition of tipples was included on the invitation: “to drink alcoholic liquor or engage in such social drinking, especially during the context of celebration”.

Pulp and Ink created these fun invitations for the night. 

Guests were invited to taste some of the delicious food  available at TipsyCake. Cakes were displayed and everyone went home with a slice of cake.

The cake below was designed for the party. Everyone involved with the event was represented on the cake! 

Pistil and Vine provided all the wonderful floral for the evening. I love how they incorporated TipsyCake blue with pops of fuchsia!

Art Below Zero are the masterminds behind this amazing ice sculpture. It was a striking image from the moment you entered the space!

Two speciality cocktails were created in honor of each of Tipsycake’s locations, and both were extremely yummy!

For owner Naomi Levine it was a family affair. She celebrated with her mother, who flew in from Australia, and her adorable son!

Later in the evening, The Slide Ride rolled in to provide a late night snack for guests. The burgers were a huge hit!

What a crowd! Everyone came out to support the TipsyCake team!

We are so thrilled that we could help the entire TipsyCake team celebrate the opening of their new location!