Amazing deal on Sonia Roselli’s brushes!

Sonia Roselli, one of my favorite make-up artists in the city, is in the process of creating a new line of make-up brushes.  She has put together a short and sweet survey. At the end of the survey, you’ll get a code for 60% off all existing make-up brushes.  I’ve been using these brushes for the past five years.  They are AMAZING.  

Go on.  It’s Friday the 13th.  What else do you have to do besides cleaning up your blog reader?

Deals + Happy Anniversary

Mr. Stacey is turning 5!  To celebrate, Stacey and Yola are offering $500 off any of their packages. Click here to go to their blog for more details!

Congratulations!!  I love your work.  Below are some images from their blog.

Deal of the Day

Want some fabulous shoes but cannot afford the price tag? Go to DSW to get some plain white shoes. I would look for a classic shoe. Regardless of the price, make sure that the shoe fits.
Then, embellish the shoe with glamourous rhinestone clips. Absolutely Audrey has clips starting at $20.

Target– I love you!

As you may or may not know, Isaac Mizrahi has come out with a bridal gown line for Target. The line received a lot of press. To be frank, I didn’t care for it that much. At best, I thought that the gowns would be perfect for someone looking for a second dress.

Much less publicized was the line of bridesmaid’s gowns and bridal accessories. It’s pure genius. I saw the gowns up close and in person at a wedding a few weeks ago. The bridesmaids looked lovely!

The true genius of the collection are the accessories!

Veils starting at $15!

Sashes for $30!

Pashimas starting at $15!

Now if only Target would get rid of their terrible registery policies!