Registry: Bed, Bath, and Beyond

We registered at three stores: Crate and BarrelBloomingdales, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.   Below is our experience at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Here is a link to our experience at Crate and Barrel and at Bloomingdale’s.

Did I mention that I am not really into home stuff?  I’m not.  By the time it was to register at our third store, I was jaded.  There were no registering events so we went to the Lincoln Park store on a Sunday afternoon.  The sales staff really didn’t seem that interested in helping us.  They gave us a gun and a “checklist” of items we might need.

After about 10 minutes in the Kitchen Department, I begged for mercy.  My dear husband turned in the gun and registered online.   (It was all for him anyway.  I never cook.)  Thankfully, BBB has a wonderful online registry program.

I would suggest that everyone registers at BBB. Why?  They have the most comprehensive selection of merchandise.  While not everyone may have a BBB near them, all of the items could be purchased online.  Additionally, BBB honors their 20% coupons on everything including china.
A few of my Favorite things from our registry:

Henckels Four Star 4″ Paring Knife

Bed, Bath and Planning

Bed Bath and Beyond is a popular retailer for brides and grooms to register at. It’s also a great store to get some pretty cool software. Complimentary to all couples that register, the software includes:
  • Wedding Website: It’s a pretty cool wedding website by I prefer
  • Timeline/ Task Manager: I really like the software. It’s a pretty comprehensive list that can be sorted in various ways, unlike theKnot. Users can add tasks to the sheet. The major negative point is that it appears in a pop-up window. I hate pop-up windows.
  • My Guest Manager: The load time was really long, especially considering that I was online at midnight. However, I was blown away. The tool has reports! I loved the many different ways that I could segment my guest list. (I’m a dork like that.)
  • My Seating Arranger: I was able to do my seating assignments in less than 30 minutes so I opted not to use it. I would recommend the software to anyone that doesn’t have an idea in seating in advance OR if the wedding is going to be really large.