My Embosser

I have wanted an embosser for a really long time. I held off buying one only because we’re going to move this year. However, I have justified the $60 price tag because I really don’t want to write my return address on every thank you card. (Some might suggest using labels but I really don’t care for them!)

I puffy heart my embosser. I think that part of the reason is that, secretly, it makes me feel super crafty. It may actually be the EASIEST thing in the entire world but I feel like a total Martha when I use it.

I opted to get the desktop version from Wilshire Graphics. For $60, I bought the desktop embosser and a set of plates with our names and address. I can get a new plate for $30. Since our condo is on the market, I thought about waiting until it sold. Then, I thought about the eons of thank you cards that I am going to need to address! I also purchased some dull silver stickers that can be embossed as well.

Some of the patterns that we liked:

Our Embossed Envelopes

My fiancé loves the embosser. That is, until I told that he gets to emboss all of the thank you card envelopes. It’s only fair if I have to write all of the thank you notes!