Sponsored Post: Pop. Fizz. Clink.

I love tasting a new bubbly!  Le Grande Courtage, which name means “The Great Courtship”, sent us a bottle to sample.  And even though you should never judge a book by it’s cover, I really loved the packaging.  This charming sparkling wine was a hit at my dinner party.  I would recommend this wine for weddings.  This sparkler has casual luxurious feel that makes it the ideal complement to many different entrees. Santé!

Bubbles Anyone?

As I mentioned last month, I added champagne at the last minute to our wedding. I always love a good glass of champagne. A few days before New Year’s Eve, InStyle posted a Hot Finds of Tasty Bubbly Under $50. These are my three top picks from their list.

Perrier-Jouet is delish. It has to be fabulous if Victoria Beckham enjoys it!

For the bride that adores crystals, serve this at your Head Table!

For the bride that is obsessed with pink!

Last Minute Additions: Bubbles!

I adore champagne.   This is apparent by:

  • My bachelorette party included a few bottles as well as going to Pops for Champagne.
  • My fridge currently contains six bottles.
  • My last minute addition to our wedding was champagne.

Before I continue, I’d like to vent.  I am extremely frustated that numerous caterers and venues charge exorbinant rates for champagne.  I’ve seen vendors charge brides $8 per person for a glass of mediocre champagne for tasting.


I am utterly frustrated that vendors make it near impossible to serve quality champagne.  When I told one of my Italian friends my wish to have champagne to be available all evening, she was shocked at the exorbiant rates.

Back to my story…

I called my hotel coordinator to find out the cost of champagne through out the night.  Denton and I researched different bottles of champagne.  We asked them to consider:

In the end, we opted to serve Iron Horse.  The name alone, Wedding Cuvee, is perfect along with the fact that we had a bottle when we celebrated our one year dating anniversary.  (It was a sign of things to come!)

If you are interested in upgrading your bar, here is a great article listing inexpensive sparking white wines.

My Bachelorette Party

My lovely maids decided to combine a few of my favorite things: italian food, champagne, hotels.

The four of us started the night out at the James Hotel. We hung out and then got ready for the big night out. What better way to start out the night than to drink some champagne? (This will be a reoccuring theme for the night!)

Around 6ish, my friends arrived for a personal shower. My bridesmaids had the most fun goodie bags! They included all sort of fun things including nail art. I put on some stickers that spelled “M + J”. Since my husband’s name ends with J, this is a sign of the state I was in my 7pm!

Since I was really adament about not wanting to wear anything “bachelorette party-esque”, I was told to wear something in a really bright color. It turns out that everyone else wore black. It was much more chic than the group of girls we saw that evening in matching fuschia T-Shirts with boas, in my opinion.

After the shower, we headed to Quartino’s for dinner. Quartino’s is a great place for a family style dinner. I would highly recommend this venue for group dining.

Once dinner was finished, we headed to Pops For Champagne, a great lounge for champagne, of course! We had a toast at the beginning of the night- which was probably one of the highlights of the evening for me.

Just as more things are being accepted across the board for weddings, the same is true for bachelorette parties. I am so glad that we did something that was very “me” than a more “traditional” bachelorette party.