Poor Customer Service

Did you see Sunday’s article in the Chicago Tribune about the couple who wrote in to “What’s Your Problem?” Linda and Roman Salazar held their wedding at Metropolis Ballroom of Arlington Heights. Their 5 tier cake fell to the ground when the cake was being moved. While upsetting, the couple didn’t get mad until they saw that the banquet hall decided to serve the cake against the couple wishes.

I totally agree with the bride. The cake falling to the ground was an accident. Serving the cake against the bride’s wishes was wrong. She is the customer. What do you think? More importantly, do you know of anyone getting married here?

Since newspaper links expire, I saved the article as a Google document for you to read below.

Cut Favors?

Last week, there was an article in the Chicago Tribune about the things to cut from your wedding. The list of things to cut included: 
  • Ceremony décor
  • Two dresses
  • Late-night snack
  • Personalized napkins
  • Elaborate centerpieces
  • Engraved Stationary/save-the-date cards
I don’t agree!  I think that even a budget conscious wedding should stick out in some way.  If you cut out all of the fun stuff, like personalized napkins, then the wedding seems like every other wedding.  

Instead, I would focus on one thing: either a late night snack, a candy buffet, or a photobooth.  If you love paper (like me), than I would have some pretty menus and escort cards for the day.

What do you think?