Obsessing Over China: All Tied Up

Day 2: Bows! 

I can not get enough of them! I adore them on my shoes, dresses and my bags.  Can you believe that I sometimes have to take a bow off before I leave the house?

I even have bows on my china.  And who does bows better than Kate Spade New York?  Below is a link to their gorgeous Belle Boulevard Collection.  

Aren’t they just perfect? Elegant with a hint of identifiable Kate Spade charm! 

I actually use Belle Boulevard as my accent piece to the rest of my china.  My main pattern will be featured later this week.

Obsessing Over China: Quatrefoil

I thought that I would end this month by doing a week of China Patterns! There are so many fabulous ones out there but this week I will be highlighting five of my favorites.

Day 1: Quatrefoil! This pattern has been around for centuries but is most certainly not outdated. In fact, I’ve been noticing it pop up in everywhere from rugs to jewelry.  I love this pattern and think this china set would be perfect for someone keen on a geometric shape.  It is a tad to simple for me (More is More being my personal motto) but 

My Home… in my Dreams

So if you have followed my blog for awhile, you might be aware that we are living in my tiny but lovely condo that I bought almost five years ago. Due to the current state of the market, we are still there and my wedding presents are in storage. I’ve stayed strong for as long as I could… but now, I would do anything to move.*

*I would do anything to move into my dream home.

So, in the past, I would rip out pictures of clothes that I would like to buy or wedding ideas. Now, added to the pile is home decor. Poor D. He is surrounded by my rippings, which are really just signs of my wantings.

And so, since I do not have my dream home, I have decided to save some of the few of my favorite ideas here on my blog. And when we do one day, own our dream, I can look at my tag “dream home” to find all of my Favorite Things.

Here we go…

I love mother-of-pearl, which you can see for yourself right here. I would also wish to own this gorgeous and incredibly tray. It would look perfect in my dream Master Bedroom. Or my Formal Living Room. One day, I will own a home with a Formal Living Room!

Digressing, I also am a fan of a foyer. However, as an urbanite, I will settle for a space in the entry of our dream apartment that allows for a small table and chairs. My tag is “dream home” so let’s live it up, shall we? I LOVE this look. Not before I tell you the owner’s, don’t you think it is has a certain amount of “wow” factor without being overdone?

It’s Donatella Versace. I know! D couldn’t believe it either.

Last but not least…
As a tea drinker, I really want to own a tea pot. I adore the one from my china set but I was looking for something a bit more sturdy. I found this gorgeous Juliska piece (and don’t you think the blue is so comforting?) with the white trim?

I started to panic, “Should I have registered for this as my casual china?” but then realized that the blue dishes don’t have the lovely white trim. And the tea pot comes only in boring white. Nope, my casual china set is still perfect. Relief! This is nothing worse than registry regret.