Registry Reviews: Crate and Barrel

We registered at three stores: Crate and BarrelBloomingdales, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.   Here were our experiences.
We attended a registry event, where they closed the store down for engaged couples.  Although they served the weakest mimosas I’ve ever tasted, I appreciated the event.  Upon finishing, we were told that we had to print a copy of our list.  I declined as I don’t care to waste paper. Apparently, that is not an option at C&B.  To get your registry into their system, you have to print a copy.  Lame, but true.
I had only one shower with less than 20 guests.  I received three duplicates.  Although I laughed it off at the shower, I was a little annoyed.  When I went to return the duplicates, I was told that there system doesn’t instantly update.
We had many returns after the wedding.  Luckily, the company has a great return policy of giving cash for all returns, not credit, along as you have a receipt.  If the amount is over $300, C&B mails you a check back in 10 business days.  We were able to cash the check without a problem.  
We received MANY gift certificates to this store.  Sadly, we haven’t been able to use them as we are waiting to move before we buy any furniture.  I’m not sure if I would register there again only because the other two registries were so much easier.
More on that next week!
A few of my Favorite things from our registry:
It can be flipped over for chips and dip.
We had hoped to be in our new home with new furniture.
Sadly, we haven’t been able to buy this yet!
Appetizer Spoons
I love the idea of these for a party!