Connie + Brian NYC Engagement Photos

Before their gorgeous wedding at The Modern Wing, Connie and Brian decided to have their photos shot in New York City.  Although the couple is orginally from Chicago, they wanted a piece of their engagement to be about their life in New York City.  Their photographers, the oh so lovely Avery House, flew out for a full day of shooting.  

All photos by Avery House.

We’ll be blogging the rest of their wedding this week!

Elizabeth + Jim: The Reception

The first post was about Elizabeth’s and Jim’s morning and ceremony. Now it’s time for the party!

All photos by ZR photography.

I loved how well the bridesmaids dresses and shoes went together. They were such a fun option!

After the church, the group went to Olive Park for great skyline shots.

While everyone was beginning to enjoy the cocktail hour, E+J took a moment to get great shots on La Salle Street Bridge.

During the cocktail hour, nearly all of the guests enjoyed the outdoor cocktail hour with great drinks, food and weather!

During the cocktail hour, guests signed the photo book which included photos from their engagement.

Before entering the reception, all the guests were able to talk with E+J in a receiving line. I don’t see these very often, but it’s a great opportunity for the bride and groom to visit with every guest.

I love baby’s breath!

Elizabeth’s centerpieces went perfectly with the decor at Fulton’s. There was a mix of tall and short arrangements.

The cake decorated with purple flowers.

Finally, it is time to eat and party!

Following the first course, the bride and groom danced their first dance.

Then it was time for everyone to join in the fun. I have never seen such a packed dance floor all night! High Society Orchestra were amazing!

Elizabeth and Jim stayed until the party stopped! The band had everyone surround them to dance the last song of the night.

I am so glad to have worked with these two and wish them all the best!

E-Session Part 2

We received our pictures this week and are thrilled! I have looked through them more times than I can remember and am so excited to finally share them! It was hard, but I have picked out some of our favorites. Thank you again to Steve Koo! You are awesome!

Ring shot…I love these kind of pictures and was super excited when Steve asked for my ring.

The sun in this one is beautiful.

One of my favorites. The fog turned out to be pretty cool.

I saw a dandelion and had to do this…not sure if Kyle enjoyed it 🙂

Another one of my favorites. This is on the hill at Montrose Beach.

Kyle’s favorite

I can’t wait for the wedding pictures!

E-Session Part 1

Even after 10 years of dating, Kyle and I have never had professional pictures taken together. I was thrilled to finally schedule our engagement session and begin planning for it. I wanted our pictures taken in the city, but I also wanted a location that was unique and meaningful to our relationship. We both immediately agreed on HB or Home Bistro, which is one of our favorite restaurants. It is a great BYOB in Lakeview that Kyle took me to for our first Valentine’s Day in Chicago together. We have now been about 6 times in the past 2 years. They were extremely gracious and allowed us to come in while the restaurant was closed to use the entire space!

The picture is from their website and shows off the unique dining room. I always feel like we are in their family room because of the ambiance and aesthetics.

Since it is a BYOB, we brought in our own wine for the shoot. My fiance loves wine and introduced me to it on our first trip to France. It has become a hobby of ours from wine tastings, trips to vineyards, or drinking a bottle together on a Saturday night. We definitely wanted to include it in some of our pictures.

Next, we walked around Lakeview for a few minutes and finished at Montrose Harbor. Our first choice was Northerly Island because again Kyle and I have history there, but time did not permit. However, Montrose Harbor was a perfect compromise and we got some great outdoor pictures. Normally, the harbor offers a great skyline view, like the one below, but the night of our pictures there was a extremely dense fog.

Picture from google images

At the time, I was disappointed that we didn’t get a skyline shot, but after our shoot Steve Koo‘s wife, Laura, emailed me and said the pictures with the fog reminded her of Ireland! Now I just can’t wait to see how they turned out!

Christine + Damon, the

This is the second post of Christine and Damon’s gorgeous wedding. Here is a link to the first post.
All photos are by Pen Carlson.

The couple headed out to take some photos around the city.

The couple looks so happy here!

This is a gorgeous photo!

At the cocktail hour, the escort cards were lined up with rose petals.
Christine use circles on her programs too, creating a cohesive look.

The couple also displayed photos in these really cool and unique frames.

Instead of a guest book, guests signed this framed engagement photo.

The room was all set up before the guests arrived.

Christine used the skyline on the programs and the menus.

I love her centerpieces: carnations!

A simple round cake with ribbon, the peony made it gorgeous!

The delicious intermezzo course.

The entertainment for the night.

And the guests got down!

It was a huge, fun party.

Christine on the dance floor, until the very end.

Christine and Damon, I had so much fun being a part of your wedding day. I wish the best to the both of you. Enjoy being a newlywed! It goes by so quickly!

Real Wedding: Noelle + Joey

I adored working with Noelle and Joey!
Noelle is a nurse so we met on a Sunday at a Starbucks in the surburbs. Although I hadn’t had any experience with filipino weddings, I talked about my interest in incorporating one’s culture into a wedding. Luckily, Noelle and Joey felt comfortable enough to book me without the experience. This can be difficult for some couple’s. One of the first questions that I often get is, “Have you ever done a X type wedding?”
I loved working with Noelle. Even with 350 guests attending her wedding, she didn’t forget the details. Instead, she focused on a contemporary design that highlighted her modern taste with many DIY projects. Her talent is amazing! I rarely see DIY projects look so professional. So let’s take a peak, shall we? All photos are by Michele Rivera from Mischa Media.

Cake: Allegretti’s Bakery
Ceremony: St. Isidore Ceremony
Musicians: Brass String Chamber Ensemble
Decor: Dayle D’Ann Edgeworth and The Chair Couture
DJ: Mark Del Rosario
Hair: Ann Bautista
Limo: American Coach Limo
Make-up: Tina Salazar for MAC
Photographer: Mischa Media
Reception: Marriott Schaumburg
Videographer: Carbon 14 Films

Noelle in her fabulous Bride silk robe getting the final touches on her hair.
This is the first of many detail: the bride and groom’s initials with their wedding date.
One of the lovely bridesmaids!
The Bride’s DIY invitations with her white bouquet — don’t you love the texture?

This was Shelly’s first wedding. She’s using her floral background to help pin bouts.
The programs were also DIY. Noelle has some made paper skills.
Noelle and Joey during the veil and cord ceremony.
St. Isadore is a modern Catholic Church in Bloomingdale.

Did I mention that Noelle is a DIY goddess? She even made the Unity Candle.
As the couple exited, there was a ton of bubbles! I love this photo!
After the ceremony, the bridal party headed out to take some fabulous photos in the city.
The escort “cards” were actually votive candles. It was a lovely sight when all 350 were lit!

Instead of a traditional guest book, the couple chose to make a book from their engagement photos.

Tomorrow, I will post photos of the reception.

Click to Cure 2009

One of my favorite photographers, Dennis Lee, is offering a wonderful opportunity! Get your photo taken by him for a donation.

Sunday, July 12, 2009
Studio 415
415 W. Huron

Come in to the studio and I will shoot portraits for a minimum donation of $100 to the Cancer Research Foundation. Bring your family, friends, dogs, cats, whatever. Write a check for a minimum of $100 and I’ll shoot it for you.

This is a first come, first served event. There are no reservation times. Walk in, spend a few moments taking photos and leave with a disc of all the images. This won’t be a full session. Rather, he will shoot maybe 10 minutes, but he’lI shoot fast; and you’ll get a nice selection of images. This is to raise money for cancer and help support an important cause. Come and support a great cause.

PS. Be sure to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dennis.

Engagement Pics– Great Ways to Use!

Now that we have taken our engagement pictures, I have become obsessed with using them! Here are some great ideas from fellow knotties.

  • STDs

Save the Dates are probably one of the more popular ways to use your engagement photos. Here’s a sample of a picture that really fits with the layout of the postcard.

  • Holiday Cards

I’ve never been a fan of photo holiday cards. My main problem with them is that there is no way to prop them up on my mantle. Yet now I have my engagement photos, I want to send them out!!

  • Wedding Website

The home page of our wedding website is more of a visual treat than informative. I use the page to showcase photos of us. I’ve been changing the photos on a regular basis.

  • Stamps

Photo stamps are not cheap…but they certainly make your invitation stand out from the crowd! I’ve also seen them used on thank you cards.

  • Newspaper Announcement

Although I am not close with my Mother, her one request is for us to announce our engagements in the paper. Four of ’em. I agreed…but that was before I knew how much it cost!

  • Cardbox

In some parts of the country as well as certain ethnicities, cash gifts are given. When this is the case, a cardbox is a must. Instead of using a generic white box from Michael’s, why not DIY and use your e-pics?

  • Guest Book

Our package comes with a 6 page guest book. Our guests can sign around the pictures. Other knotties have made a book at Shutterfly, Snapfish, or My Publisher.

  • CDs

The cover of a CD– which can be used as a favor or OOT gift bag stufffer– can include a picture from your engagement photo.

  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations or Shower Invitations

In the past, I saw a knottie that used an engagement photo for their rehearsal dinner invitation. It was really cute!

  • Photofetti

Photofetti can be used to dress up high-boys that are used during the cocktail hour. They can also be used on the various special tables: gift table, guest book table, etc.

  • Table Numbers

Table numbers that have engagement photos in the background are super popular on theknot.

  • Slideshow

A slideshow can be done before the ceremony, during the cocktail hour, or during dinner. It’s a great way to showcase many photos.

  • Photo Coasters

Photo coasters are one of the most popular favors for a shower, rehearsal dinner, or even the wedding. Simply print your picture on a color printer and insert into the frames.

  • Program

Your wedding program is a great place to add a picture of you and your FI!

  • Centerpieces at the Bridal Shower
  • Guestbook Frame aka Signature Mat

The signature mat, made popular by Pottery Barn, is widely available and has become very popular in the past few years. It’s a wonderful way to display your engagement pictures!

  • Framed Pictures at the Placecard Table
  • Calender– Countdown to your wedding
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • In your Home!

How do you plan on using your engagement photos?

Engagement Photos

We received our engagement photos! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met Sally on the el near our old office. We took a lot of pictures on the LaSalle platform. It’s the platform that my fiance and I used to take on our way home from work. It’s a very sentimental location.

Our second stop was 175 W. Jackson. It’s the building of my FI’s office– the place where we met. We worked on the 22nd floor next to the building management. When the manager found out that we were engaged, she gave us special permission to use the building on the weekend. We’re very grateful.

His office (I no longer work there) opens up to the roofdeck. We took some amazing shots!

Then, it was off to Starbucks. Once we started dating, we kept it a secret from the office. The one time of the day we could leave is when we went to Starbucks. If we waited until 10ish, no one would usually join us on our trip down.

Our last stop of the day was at the Art Institute. We took some lovely pictures in the gardens and outside walkways.