Set to Shine

This post is sponsored by Anjolee.

I have been in the room when many brides open the gift from their groom.  There is no better gift than a perfect pair of diamond earrings. From dazzling hoop designs to the the most elegant of drop earrings, they are the ideal accessory.  Whether it be a bridal or anniversary gift, Anjolee has customizable jewelry to fit your personality.

Anjolee is known for customizing jewelry to the preferences of each customer. In addition to earrings, they create stunning bridal sets, gorgeous rings, and engagement rings tailored to fit each bride. 

Below are of my favorite pieces sure to make anyone look fabulous.  I love them all but this pair is definitely me!  

The trio below are great for every day!

I added a pair of ruby earrings because I think bezel is all the rage right now!

Bridal Event: Anne Sportun

Not every bride wants a rock. No really. Anne Sportun is for the girl that marches to the beat of her own drum. To check out her gorgeous rings, head to her website. To see in person, head to Bucktown for a trunk show

Anne Sportun Trunk Show
Experimental JeweleryFriday, October 9th
4 PM – 8 PM
2034 N. Damen Avenue
To RSVP, email

Designing the Perfect Marriage Ring

If you are a long time reader, you may recall that I had problem finding the perfect ring.  My dislike of solitaires along with my love of pave and antique cuts like asscher and cushion was very limiting when we went to a traditional jewelry store.  A wife of one of our groomsmen used to work at a store on Jeweler’s Row.  We decided to head there to see if they could help us.  

Denton called the store to set up appointment.  He told them that we were looking to design a ring.  One of the employees, Jeff, asked some information about what we wanted.  At the first appointment, we looked over some center stones.  I was so happy that he didn’t try to talk me into a more traditional cut (princess, round, etc.) and stuck to what had been discussed.  I finally found the perfect stone- a cushion cut diamond.  We both wish we had gone their sooner!  

Next up, Designing!  Designing a ring is not an easy task for someone with zero experience.  However, I brought in some pictures.  My requirements were:  pave, diamonds everywhere, no plain band, flourishes, dots.  Jeff assured us that he could come up with something perfect.

Our following appointment was to look over the paper designs.  I was still a little bit scared because the design on paper wasn’t quite proportional.  I thought that the prongs looked like giant fondant balls!  Jeff assured me that the ring would look great so we moved ahead with the wax mold. 

I would like to stay that when I saw the wax mold, I let out a huge sigh of relief.  I didn’t.  The mold was quite ugly.  Since there were diamonds all over the band, there were empty “pits” everywhere.  Plus, I couldn’t get the mold onto my finger so I had trouble figuring out exactly what it would look like on my hand.  (These pictures don’t do the mold justice- I had yet to find the proper setting on my camera.)

Jeff kept saying to use my imagination!  I was a little worried… but I had no reason.  It turned out perfectly!!

If you are interested in designing your own ring, I would highly recommend my jeweler.  

 Fredrick M. Gottlieb & Co.
67 E. Madison St.
Suite 1921

My Ring.

My original plan was to wear my engagement ring on my right hand and my wedding ring on my left hand. I am not a fan of stacking an engagement ring ontop of a wedding ring. I also only wear one ring per hand.

My plan went out the window when my fiance bought me a gorgeous amethyst for my 30th birthday.

I call it my, “I’m 30 and fabulous ring.”

My new plan is to get just one ring. One perfect ring.

I wear my amathyst on my left hand. It’s funny because as soon as you say you are engaged, there are some women that immediately look at your left ring finger. These women usually do a double take when they see my ring.

I have always been the type of girl to march to the beat of my own drum so this suits me just fine. However, I am not sure what I want for my wedding ring. It has to have lots of pave. If I get a center stone, it has to be an Asscher cut.

Asscher cut center stone with pave band. This is close to what I envision my wedding ring to look like.

Gorgeous cushion cut ring with pave and filigree.

Do you have your dream ring?

Ring shopping

I am not going to butter this up: I am a picky girl. [;)] So when I told my boyfriend about my friend who never wears her engagement ring, he agreed that we would go ring shopping together. I was thrilled… until I went ring shopping.

Having never bought jewelry, I am completely overwhelmed. And I hate the naked rings!! (If you’ve never gone ring shopping, the settings are shown san diamond.) To me, every setting looks sort of ugly without a little bling in it.

Now we have all heard of the 4 C’s, right? Well, try finding a diamond that has enough clarity, the right color, and the carat that you can afford. And did I mention that you need to consider the girdle, the cutlet, and flourescence.

Yikes. What did I get myself into?