DIY Flowers

Kristen Janes of Kio Kreations is teaching a six week class in floral design. The class covers everything from corsages to how to process and care for flowers, construction techniques and design rules. There will also be a field trip! Visit a wholesale florist to see where the professionals shop.

Starter supplies will be provided the first day of class. Supplies include specialty clippers, florist’s pocket knife, floral wire, floral tape, ribbon, corsage pins, floral foam, containers, and more. Please note that you get to keep everything you make during class and flowers and containers will be provided.

Oh and ladies, skip the mani before class. Flowers are a dirty business!

Naperville Art League

508 N Center St
Naperville, IL

Every Monday from January 11th through February 15th
7 – 8:30PM

Cost for the class and most supplies is only $189/resident and $209/non-residents

Register starting November 1st.

To register, contact Debbie at

Flower Show

It’s really hard for me to promote events at the Evil Empire. As a devoted Marshall Field’s shopper, I feel as though I should ignore all of their bridal events. However, they do have amazing events from time to time. This is one of them.

Until April 16th, the following florists will be creating awe-inspiring bouquets: Cornelia McNamara, Anthony Gowder Designs, Hello Darling, Bukiety, and Stems. I am excited to see what each of these florists will be creating! They do amazing work.

For more details, click here.


5 months into wedding planning, and I haven’t had a single bridezilla moment. I have however, engaged in some embarassing behavior.

I visited 9 potential floral and event design companies. Yes, 9.

I am really embarassed to admit this… but I just wasn’t having any luck.

My requirements were pretty simple:

Dense floral arrangements

Extravagent escort card table arrangement

Petite yet visually stunning arrangements for the high boys

Very Important– Petite bouquets for both me and my maids

I didn’t realize that it was going to be so difficult! Some of the florists didn’t like my ideas… others completely disregarded my requirements.

Finally… I narrowed it down to two choices:

Dense bouquet arranged by Scarlet Petal

Over the top gorgeous arrangement by Heffernan Morgan

Ultimately, we decided to go with Scarlet Petal. Knotties novchibride and MrsJayeTT are past clients…and raved about their decor. We are very excited about using them!

Florist VS Event Decor Companies

If there is one thing that I want to be extravagent for our wedding, it’s the decor. I want my wedding to be visually stunning. Since my entire wedding budget is the budget for most decor budgets, I’m going to have to scrimp!

Here are my needs:

  • linens
  • lighting
  • flowers
  • chivari chairs

For my needs, event design companies are a perfect match. Well, everywhere except for the budget!

So now I have to make a hard decision– do I leave it up to the professionals or do I go DIY? Other knotties have inspired me… but I am a wee bit nervous.