Flower Girls

Every bride should be treated like a queen on the day of her wedding; the “princess spot” is reserved for the flower girl! Don’t you agree? If you are still looking for a dress to make your flower girl standout (without making her into a “mini-bride”!), check out a few of our favorite picks below. 

This dress is from the Dessy Group. The spaghetti straps, ribbon on the empire waist and tulle screams classic flower girl!  
So romantic! Simply love the flower detailing on the skirt of this dress by Jordan
Look at the lace pattern on this dress from the Seahorse collection by Watters! The a-line cut is cute, casual, and perfect for a flower girl to feel comfortable in. 

Who designs your favorite flower girl dresses? Comment and let us know! 

Flower Girls in Bridal White

Recently, the Chicago board was talking about the Mini-Bride.

For those who have never heard of such a thing, the idea is that the flower girl dresses in a miniture bridal gown. Some knotties were horrified at the concept.

I have a confession…. I was a mini bride!

Of course, we never called it that! I was simply wearing a miniture version of a bridal gown. It was a white lace gown that and had a train that was bustled for the reception.

Everytime I wore my dress, people would say, “She looks just like a bride!” I was such a well behaved flower girl that I got the honor six times– five of them were having me wear this dress

Here it is….

Knottie Romagrrl as a Mini-Bride