Hurrah Illinois!

It’s such an exciting time here in Illinois!  The Land of Lincoln will become the 15th state to recognize marriage equality.  Beginning June 1st, 2014, same sex couples can apply for marriage licenses.  I’m hoping that there will be a ton of same sex weddings next summer and fall.

I have yet to plan a gay wedding but am hoping that changes for 2014.  I’m in the middle of planning on my business goals for 2014 and this one is at the top of my list.

Gay Weddings

I love Ellen so when I saw a picture of her and Portia on their wedding day, I was so excited and happy for them!

If you didn’t know it, there is an entire website aimed at Gay Weddings. I’m not sure how many of my readers are gay as I really don’t have a way to track any metrics. If there are any gay readers struggling with some unique wedding planning problems, I would love to hear from you!