Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day is here! Earth Day is an important reminder that we all have to do our part to promote the health of the planet. 
Honeybee Weddings is a proud member of the Green Wedding Alliance where every day is Earth Day
 Green Wedding Alliance is a nonprofit organization that connects a growing community of environmentally and socially responsible event vendors with the conscious consume for mindful weddings, commitment ceremonies and social events. Their collaborative network of over 40 members constantly strives to inform others based on responsible and eco-friendly business practices.
Happy Earth Day! Go Green!  

Green Wedding Alliance

Green Wedding Alliance 
Along with living an eco-friendly lifestyle, I have recently joined the Green Wedding Alliance this past year. I am excited to say that I have taken a role with the organization as the Membership Committee Chair!

About GWA
We are a group of professional wedding and event-related vendors helping clients in the Chicagoland area find environmentally friendly companies to work with. Our goal is to connect a growing community of environmentally and socially responsible event vendors with our customers that share the same views. We currently have over 50 member vendors and are continuing to grow. If you are looking for vendors for anything from rental & decor to gifts & favors, we would love to help supply you with the most eco-friendly products and services.

My Position 
As the membership committee chair, I help with the application process of companies who wish to join our team! I get to connect with companies and venues that are interested in joining our team by helping them with our application process.

I’m so happy to be apart of this community and work alongside other eco-friendly companies!

A Resale Market for Weddings… What?!?

The Chicago Wedding Alliance (GWA)connects a constantly growing group of environmentally responsible event vendors with the main focus for eco-sensible weddings and social events. GWA is a continuous network of over 50 member vendors whose main point of view is to grow and improve their responsible business practices.

The Green Wedding Alliance is hosting another, yes I said ANOTHER Recyclery event and YOU are invited!

The Great Wedding Recyclery

What:A garage sale for weddings!!

When: Sunday, November 3, 2019

Where: The Joinery

How to Attend:Purchase your ticket here and join the Facebook event to be on the lookout for updates!

How to Participate: Do you have your pictures and memories in a safe spot and are looking to get rid of some wedding items? Here is your chance. You can rent an 8 foot table for $45 or 2 tables for $70. Limited space is available. Sign up here.

Our Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

Honey Bee Weddings is passionate about being environmentally responsible. We believe that you can have your dream wedding while practicing sustainability.

Photo by Caitlin Lisa Photography

Here are just some of the ways we have committed to keeping our ecological footprint small:

Minimizing Waste

Working with Responsible Vendors

  • Connects our clients with vendors that share our commitment to sustainability
  • Utilizes our membership of the Green Wedding Alliance

Keeping Green in the Office

  • Moving towards being completely paperless
  • Makes sure any paper that needs to be used is made of recycled materials
  • Uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies
  • Encourages the use of public transportation or riding bikes
  • Trains employees to utilize environmental initiatives

Officially a Member of the Green Wedding Alliance!

Honey Bee Weddings is excited to announce that we are now officially an Approved Vendor with the Green Wedding Alliance!

The Green Wedding Alliance is a network of DJs, caterers, florists, venues, and other event vendors that strive to be as environmentally sustainable as possible through their eco-friendly business practices. We are so thrilled to be joining the 50+ other vendors who share our commitment to being environmentally responsible!