Attending Weddings Without Breaking the Bank

Wedding season is upon us, which means you most likely have at least one wedding to attend in the near future. Whether you need to buy a new dress or pay for a hotel stay, anyone who has attended a wedding knows it’s not just the happy couple that needs to shell out some money to celebrate the big day. 

Photo by Kassia Phoy Photography

Being a wedding guest can get expensive! Laura Gariepy over at Charlie, a financial app that helps you budget, gives some great tips on how to save some cash. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have some upcoming weddings on your calendar, and can be found here.

Project "Wedding Weekend"

The countdown is 20 days; I can’t believe how time if flying. Thanksgiving weekend has been planned since early fall as Project Wedding weekend. My fiance and I decided not to travel home and stay in Chicago to try to get as much done as possible! We did get to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my cousins. The weekend was successful! In 3 days, we finished a bunch of projects.  The only thing left to do is embossing all my paper products.  We’re going to that next weekend!

Project 1: 16 Table Numbers
We decided to make our own table numbers.  Instead of numbers, we are using cities that we visited together. Below is the end result. I am so happy with how they turned out. I am the first to admit that I am not creative or crafty. In fact, I had never been in Paper Source before my engagement. However, these projects have now turned me into a semi-paper fanatic!

I bought silver paper for the background and velum for the city name. I printed out the pictures and glued them on the silver background. Then, with double sided tape, I sealed it with the velum. I still need to buy the stands. This is one I had laying around the house.

Project 2: Tissue Pouches
I found this picture on Martha Stewart’s website and thought it was adorable! I used it as my inspiration…

…and here are mine! Luckily, she provided directions online on how to make each little pouch. So I went to Paper Source and bought these two types of wrapping paper and folded 75 of them. (I am placing them on ever other chair at the ceremony). Then, I added a circle label saying, “for your tears of joy.” The week of the wedding I will put a tissue in each pouch!

Project 3: Wine Guest Book
I previously blogged about the guest book and it is finally complete. We are going to have 1 large (and empty) 750mL bottle with our personalized label.  There will also be two other bottles for the guest to sign. One is a chardonnay that we plan to open on our first anniversary.  The other is a Chateauneuf de Pap that we plan to open on our fifth anniversary. The guest will use silver pens to sign their bottle of choice!

We bought an empty Pinot Noir bottle from our local wine store that they just had in their window for decoration. However, we did not like the label so Kyle created his own. I love how it turned out! The picture is of us in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s hard to see but our wedding date is in the left corner, too! The label was purchased at Paper Source, which we then printed our design. Paper Source has been the overall theme of our wedding projects! 🙂

Project 4: Welcome Letter
I can’t attach a picture since it is a word document but that was another project that got finished this weekend! Each letter will be inside the welcome bag that we are giving out at the hotels.

The last two photos are projects, but I can’t take credit for them. I just thought they were fitting for the blog post. These are two ideas I saw online that I had made for me!

I had Lynn Claire form Etsy make my this personalized hanger for my dress on my wedding day!

Last project is a “Merci” sign I had Jackie from Shambora Studios make. Kyle and I will take a few pictures with the sign and then use the photo has our wedding thank you card!