Laura + Mark: Part 1

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Laura and Mark were featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs.  Laura and Mark wanted a gorgeous weddings with a modern feel.  I can’t think of a better venue than The Modern Wing.  The clean lines really created a beautiful wedding!

Band: Alison Ruble
Florist: Larkspur
Hair + Make-up: J. Gordon Designs
Ceremony + Reception: The Modern Wing

All photos by JPP Studios.

Laura getting ready for the day.

I adore the hairpin!

Modern traditionalism: you can’t go wrong with Manolo Blahnik!

Classic peals?  After just a few photos, Laura’s style is so apparent!

I adore any sort of embellishment but this is really gorgeous!
Laura’s gown at the Elysian (now the Waldorf Astoria).

Such a gorgeous bouquet, thanks to Larkspur!

The sash being tied is the final touch.

The first look.

Tomorrow, we’ll have more photos of the ceremony and reception!

Glam it up

Glam is one of my favorite websites for inspirational photos. I can usually get lost on there for a few hours. And since you are probably busy planning a wedding, you don’t need to bookmark yet another site to lose hours of your time. Except you do! Glam is great for finding fabulous photos of hair and make-up options to take for your trials.
I clipped the photo above of the lovely Zoe Saldana from the Oscars. I think you could take the photo to your hair stylist or your make-up artist. Why do you think? I love this look!

Perfect Hair

Finding the perfect hair style can be difficult for many brides. I’ve always wanted to wear my hair down, but I’ve never known what truly looks best for my face shape. Using these steps from visual, you can measure your face, find out its shape and what hair style works best for that shape. After doing the measurements, I learned I have an oval shape because the length was one and half times the width. They suggest that people with oval faces look the best with their hair off the face…I may be changing the way I do my hair for my wedding. You should try it!

Also, In Style offers a tool where you can upload your picture and add celebrity hair style. I used a model they have set up with an oval face and found this great hair style which is still down but out of the face. I think it would be perfect for a wedding!

This is what the model looks like before choosing a hair style.

This is with the celebrity hair style.

What do you think? I think the tool is sort of fun!!

Oscar inspiration

The Oscars are my favorites. I love watching everyone get dressed up. For brides, it is a great place to get hair and make-up inspiration.

Stacey Dash’s hair is down but back and with volume. How do you not love that? It would work for many brides!

Patricia Clarkson rocked a very similar look to Sandra Bullock. I picked Patricia to show that this looks great on pale girls! The strong red lip is fabulous. I love the straight but gobs of body hair too!

Peaches N Cream is Kate Bosworth’s plan. It worked. She looks gorgeous. I think the make-up would look fab on a wedding day…but the hair? Skip it. Looks to casual for my taste.

Another Day with Sonia

I’m really lucky! Since Kendra was unable to do my hair for the wedding, she booked me with Livia. Since Livia works with Sonia, I was able to get a second make-up trial.

Sonia told me that she had been thinking about me and had an idea for a completely new look. I was EXCITED! Sonia felt that I wasn’t a typical bride- that I should go for something more dramatic. She decided to put full lashes on me. It’s a lot more dramatic than the first trial.

Livia is a rock-star. I also owe her my deepest apologies for coming to her with too dirty of hair. It’s a myth that you need to skip washing your hair. I usually wash my every day and a half or every two days. However, it was really oily and I felt bad that she had to play with it.
Livia wanted me to try a half-up, half down look. What do you think? I feel it is very princess-y and not very me.

Here’s a side view of my make-up with veil.

Here’s a picture with the make-up and the hair with the veil. Should I go more traditional or do the full dramatic look? Regardless, I’m going to go tanning! I cannot believe that I look so pale.

Getting Pretty with Sonia

Sonia Roselli has a cult following among brides. Her ability to apply airbrush make-up makes the bride not only look flawless but it is also reassuring to know that it will last the entire day and night.

The day that I found out that I was engaged, I knew that I had to have Sonia do my make-up. I knew that it would be difficult to meet her minimum. Luckily, all of my bridesmaids as well as my future mother-in-law wanted to get their make-up done.

I had my make-up trial with Sonia in early December. The trial was held at Enfuse Spa. Enfuse was offering a special that day for a $59 micro-dermabrasion treatment. Since I love beauty treatments, I decided to go for it.

Post-treatment without a lick of make-up, my Before Photo

Then, Sonia started to work her magic. I shower her a slew of photos that I loved and told her to do her thing. The room is very bright and very white so I think it makes me look a little more pale than I am. I would just want a little more blush and darker lip gloss but I LOVE SONIA!

I’ve got pictures of my hair trial with Kendra coming up tomorrow.