Scott + Noopur are featured in Maharani Wedding!

It’s the last post on Scott and Noopur’s wedding!  So far, I’ve posted about their wedding in New Wedding Essentials. On Wednesday, I  posted  about their morning. Yesterday, I posted  and then to ceremony and reception at the Harold Washington Library.

This gorgeous wedding was also featured in Maharani Weddings over several posts.  Maharani Weddings featured Noopur getting her Mendhi ceremony.  

Maharani Weddings did a second post about their morning as the couple dressed for the day.

Then, Maharani Wedding posted about their lovely ceremony.

The website did a final post on their reception.

And then… Maharani Weddings featured this fabulous same day edit by Emotia.  Enjoy!

Scott + Noopur Part II

On Tuesday, I featured Scott and Noopur’s wedding which is in the current issue of New Wedding Essentials.  They were also featured on Maharani Weddings…more on that tomorrow!

Yesterday, I posted about their morning.  Today will post about the couple’s ceremony and reception at the Harold Washington Library.

All photos by MonicaZ.

As guests entered the room, there was a non-traditional guest book: a card catalog with faux old fashioned library cards.

The room set-up for the ceremony

The gorgeous mandap; I love the lush roses!

The bride and groom during the ceremony.

The room during the ceremony…

…and then transformed for the reception!

Scott and Noopur set their sweetheart table on the mandap.

We added little touches like the Mr. and Mrs. signs to the back of their chairs.

These lush roses were on the front of their sweetheart table.

The lush centerpieces looked gorgeous on their long tables.

An example of one of their table numbers.

The table arrangements varied by each table.

The flowers on this simple cake turn it into a work of art!

Noopur surprised Scott with a groom’s cake highlighting Purdue University.

Noopur rented these gorgeous light up bars.  They were topped with a floral arrangement along with a photo of the couple (drinking of course)!

Scott and Noopur also rented furniture, creating a lounge, near the bars.

The couple during dinner.

After dinner, everyone was dancing the night away.

Good night!

Scott + Noopur, Part I

I met Noopur and Scott when I was 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant (with a delivery scheduled delivery four days later).  My enormous state of being had scared away many would-be clients (which I have yet to understand: pregnancy doesn’t last forever)!  Yet Noopur and Scott were the absolute nicest couple and didn’t even give my oversized belly a second thought.  As we talked, I was really excited with their plans.  

Baraat DJ: Sound of Music
Baraat Horse: Noble Horse
Cake: Alliance Bakery
DJ: Style Matters
Florist: Scarlet Petal
Hair + Make-up: Starlight Make-up

Mehndi Artist: Unnatizart

All photos by MonicaZ.

Noopur during the Mehndi ceremony on Thursday, two days before her wedding

I love this photo of Scott feeding Noopur as her hands dry.

It’s a gorgeous design, isn’t it?

On Friday, off to the rehearsal…

Noorpur and Scott held the dinner at Encore in the Hotel Allegro

And then the next day, she changed into these lovelies!

Noopur looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day. 

Noopur sits as the final touches are made to her make-up.

Noopur thrilled with her wedding gift.

The detailing on Noopur’s gown is stunning.

Noopur and Scott at the first look was at the Cultural Center, a great back-up location for rain!

I’ll be back tomorrow with more photos!

Sally + Joe’s Washington Library Wedding

Oops! I scheduled Sally and Joe’s real wedding post for 6.23.10 and 7.24.10, instead of 6.24.10. If you can’t recall, here is a link to the first blog post. Sally and Joe were married at St. Vincent de Paul and had their reception at the Washington Library.
All photos by Christopher Dimock Photography.

The gorgeous escort card table arrangement was inspired by the Fall season.

The centerpieces were tall and full.
On top of each menu and napkin was a small flower.

The tables were named after the couple’s favorite books.
The couple had a copy of each book on the table.

The cake was simply decorated but was stunning by size.

A view of the room.
Once the lights went down, the room took a romantic turn with all of the candlelight.
Besides a guest book, the couple displayed wedding photos of other immediate family members.

Sally + Joe cut the gorgeous cake.
In the middle of their first dance!
The band gets the crowd moving!
The bride was having the time of her life!

Sally + Joe’s Fall Wedding

Sally and Joe had a traditional wedding last October. Sally opted to highlight the Fall colors, creating a warm cozy in the gorgeous Harold Washington Library.

Band: Steve Edwards Band
St. Vincent DePaul
Christopher Dimock Photography
Harold Washington Library

All photos by Christopher Dimock Photography.

The gentlemen all wore swanky Thomas Pink.

The bride heads to the church!
The ceremony was a traditional Catholic ceremony.
There was a pretty white ribbon run through the light green program.
The bride had a trio perform at the church for the processional and recessional.

After the ceremony, the couple headed to the city to take some photos.
The couple spent some time together taking photos in the city –
it is nice to leave everyone for the day of the wedding and go out on your own!
There will be more photos tomorrow of the couple’s reception!