What’s your favorite wedding tradition?

In the October 2010 issue of InStyle, celebrities were asked “What’s your favorite wedding tradition?”

“I loved not seeing her that day until we saw each other during the ceremony.”
— Ellen DeGeneres

“Brides tend to forget to wear something blue. I had a little blue ribbon sewn into my dress that I really loved.”
— Ashlee Simpson- Wentz

“The toasts! Sometimes they’re funny or inappropriate. You’re like, “Wow, maybe you don’t want to share that with 150 people.”
— Kate Walsh

“Well, I’m Mexican, so we have a lot of them. I love the lasso in Catholic ceremonies. It’s basically a rosary that they put around the bride and the groom.”
— Eva Longoria Parker

The article really struck me because it took me awhile to have a favorite wedding tradition. I absolutely love the anniversary dance and am thrilled to see it slowly replacing the bridal bouquet toss. I rather celebrate marriage at any wedding.

What is your favorite tradition?

Perfect Hair

Finding the perfect hair style can be difficult for many brides. I’ve always wanted to wear my hair down, but I’ve never known what truly looks best for my face shape. Using these steps from visual makeover.com, you can measure your face, find out its shape and what hair style works best for that shape. After doing the measurements, I learned I have an oval shape because the length was one and half times the width. They suggest that people with oval faces look the best with their hair off the face…I may be changing the way I do my hair for my wedding. You should try it!

Also, In Style offers a tool where you can upload your picture and add celebrity hair style. I used a model they have set up with an oval face and found this great hair style which is still down but out of the face. I think it would be perfect for a wedding!

This is what the model looks like before choosing a hair style.

This is with the celebrity hair style.

What do you think? I think the tool is sort of fun!!

Bubbles Anyone?

As I mentioned last month, I added champagne at the last minute to our wedding. I always love a good glass of champagne. A few days before New Year’s Eve, InStyle posted a Hot Finds of Tasty Bubbly Under $50. These are my three top picks from their list.

Perrier-Jouet is delish. It has to be fabulous if Victoria Beckham enjoys it!

For the bride that adores crystals, serve this at your Head Table!

For the bride that is obsessed with pink!