My Bachelorette Party

My lovely maids decided to combine a few of my favorite things: italian food, champagne, hotels.

The four of us started the night out at the James Hotel. We hung out and then got ready for the big night out. What better way to start out the night than to drink some champagne? (This will be a reoccuring theme for the night!)

Around 6ish, my friends arrived for a personal shower. My bridesmaids had the most fun goodie bags! They included all sort of fun things including nail art. I put on some stickers that spelled “M + J”. Since my husband’s name ends with J, this is a sign of the state I was in my 7pm!

Since I was really adament about not wanting to wear anything “bachelorette party-esque”, I was told to wear something in a really bright color. It turns out that everyone else wore black. It was much more chic than the group of girls we saw that evening in matching fuschia T-Shirts with boas, in my opinion.

After the shower, we headed to Quartino’s for dinner. Quartino’s is a great place for a family style dinner. I would highly recommend this venue for group dining.

Once dinner was finished, we headed to Pops For Champagne, a great lounge for champagne, of course! We had a toast at the beginning of the night- which was probably one of the highlights of the evening for me.

Just as more things are being accepted across the board for weddings, the same is true for bachelorette parties. I am so glad that we did something that was very “me” than a more “traditional” bachelorette party.

Wedding of Melissa + Anthony: Details

For me, a wedding is all in the details. Following yesterday’s post, here are the gorgeous details of Melissa + Anthony’s wedding.

Melissa + Anthony wanted a ton of candlelight. Everything looks better by candlelight.

A place setting. I loved the design of the menus, which were done by Gourmet Invitations

The adorable favors both looked good and tasted good. Godiva chocolates are delicious!
The table number signs were also done by Gourmet Invitations.

To accommodate the children that attended, their place settings were slightly different
View of the entire room
In lieu of a guest book, Melissa + Anthony had their guest sign two bottles of champagne. They planned on drinking one bottle on their honeymoon and the other on their 1 year anniversary.

To recognize the family members that had passed away,

there were In Memory Candles at the entrance of the ballroom.

The couple during their first dance.
Congratuations Melissa + Anthony!

Wedding of Melissa + Anthony

As a wedding coordinator, I have dealt with all sort of brides. None have really match the style of Melissa + Anthony.

When I walked in the morning of the wedding, the bride wasn’t there. A little unusual. Melissa walked in about ten minutes later, with Anthony by her side, after a trip to Trader Joe’s. I knew at this moment that the day was going to fun and relaxed. The couple threw out all sorts of traditions and were focused on completely enjoying the day.

Eventually, Anthony left the room so that the girls could get ready. The couple met up again at 3pm to get the photos taken. By the time that the ceremony started, the couple were beaming.

All photographs by Dennis Lee.

The couple surrounded by the gorgeous city architecture

All eyes on the happy couple

Hot pink accents were key for the day.

Melissa with her sassy hot pink shoes


More pictures coming tomorrow!

Getting Away

Sometimes, you simply must stop talking about your wedding.


Denton and I agreed that at the six month mark (six months engaged; six months to the wedding), we would spend an entire weekend not talking about the wedding. We decided to “get away” by staying at the James Hotel in downtown Chicago.

We had a wonderful time! I started the weekend off by getting a massage. While I was getting pampered, Denton checked us in to our room. After meeting up, we shopped around Michigan Ave. Denton bought a fitted black cashmere sweater at Bloomie’s. Then, we totally splurged by having a Peppermint Mocha in the late afternoon. We relaxed in our room for a few hours wearing the comfy robe and slippers. We went to dinner at McCormick & Schmick’s. It’s such a man’s restaurant but I love it there! When we got back to the James, we had a few drinks at the J Bar.

We started off Sunday late in the morning with room service and reading various newspapers. After a little more browsing, we went to the movies to see American Gangster! It was awesome.

The icing on the cake? We were able to maintain our wedding budget by spending gift certificates the entire weekend! I have loads of gift cards that I have stockpiled from the past year. Our goal was to see how many we could use in just one weekend!