Will I get to meet my idol at Lucky FABB?

I cannot even begin to contain my excitement over meeting my idol this week at the Lucky FABB Conference.  I don’t use the term “idol” lightly, but I had a crush on Jean Godfrey-June since the 90’s.  (Did I just give away my age?)

If you are not a regular reader of Lucky, then you may not know of Jean Godfrey-June.  She is the Beauty Directory at the magazine and writes, in my opinion, one of the best columns in any magazine (and I subscribe to 15).  I love her honesty as well as her advice.  

It’s really easy to mock the attention, time and research that is spent on beauty products (it’s not curing cancer as she has joked in the past). And Jean realizes this, yet she is able to take beauty seriously while keeping a refreshingly light tone to her columns and articles. While I cannot say that I have followed all of her advice, I have gone out to buy some products she recommends to her loyal readers.  

If I do get to meet and speak to her — and am able to put together coherent sentences — then I plan to buy her a drink for the sage advice of using Lancôme Flash Bronzer for legs on my face. It really is the best bronzer out there.

Lancôme Flash Bronzer for legs

I’m a Lucky Magazine Contributor!

I can’t say how much I enjoy sharing my thoughts on everything from books, to bridal events, to beauty tips with my ‘Bee’ readers, it’s so much fun to show you what I am currently loving and obsessed with! Now, I know in the past I’ve confessed my not-so-private adoration for magazines, and recently I’ve taken this love to the next level by becoming a Lucky Magazine Contributor! I couldn’t be more excited. It’s amazing to be a part of a ‘community’ with so many fabulous people sharing so many of their fabulous ideas. Check me out in the Lucky Community here, and keep your eyes peeled for more posts to come from yours truly!

You are so lucky!

Arriving back from India on December 7th, I realized that we needed to send out holiday cards, put up on tree, and shop till I dropped. That said, I was shopping until 4:30PM on December 24th. When I finished, I rushed to my in-laws home to change for my Mother-in-law’s Favorite Day of the Year festivities.

I showed my SIL my new Rodarte dress from Target… and it was deemed an immediate hit that I should wear that night. It appears that many other bloggers agrees with me including Lucky! The dress was an amazing deal and I’m glad that I hit up the store in Indy as Chicago Target’s get over picked immediately.

If I had to wear the dress again, I would probably pair it with a thick black satin bow belt that I have from Argentina.

Headband: A’Gaci (similar here)
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.
Tights: Filene’s (similar here)
Shoes: Hollywood (similar here)