Wedding Website

I have finally finished our wedding website, which felt great checking off my not-so-short to do list. For some reason, I put this off until the last possible minute. Instead of sending a traditional save the date, we decided to send an announcement through a website called Paperless Post. This was the motivation to finish the website.

There are an overwhelming number of options but we chose For someone who is not computer savvy, it is easy to set up and update. The website gives a wide variety of page options but we chose the more simplistic route. We wanted the website to be used as a place for guests to get information on the wedding events and hotel accommodations. However, we did set up one page to show off our favorite engagement pictures!

Above is a snap shot of the cover. We chose a black and theme which is perfect for our wedding. That picture is also one of our engagement pictures. Again thanks to Steve Koo Photography!

M+D: After Party

As guests were leaving (or heading to the After Party), they took home their choice of favors: Girl Scout Cookies!  While I know that some brides feel that no one takes home their favors, it wasn’t a problem with us.  We only had 8 boxes leftover.

 I prefer having favors on the escort card table.  By the end of the evening, the table is empty of escort cards except for the centerpiece.  Most guests forget to go back to their table to pick up the favor but everyone passes the escort table on the way out.

As soon as the reception ended, I headed upstairs with my bridesmaids.  While we were in the elevator, they all started working on the real satin buttons.  I emerged from the connected suite only a few minutes into the party.

I was famished.  After a 36 hour adrenaline rush, I finally could eat.  We brought in mini burgers and mini-sandwiches along with pomme frittes from Minnie’s.

I adored my second dress with it’s “something blue” train.  

Besides eating and drinking, there was also a pool table.

On the flatscreen in the back of the room, we played our favorite Chicago movies on mute.  The iPod had a eight hour play list.

The life of the party!  Susan brings in the leftover beer from when the guys were getting ready.

David served as our bartender.

M+D: Dancing the Night Away

My Mother in Law with her good friend.


Really. My in-laws didn’t leave the dance floor.

Ashlynn was my Greeter and a Reader. She joked that two jobs should mean she should get two gifts.

With friends and family. When it got late, there were definitely more girls on the dance floor than guys.

Miracles never cease: my nephew out on the dance floor with his Mom.

Dancing the night away… off went the Oscar de la Renta for Old Navy flip flops.

It was nice to see that everyone had such a good time, even if they were exhausted.

Just one more dance! Sheila and her husband were going to leave right after dinner because her daughter had been hurt.  They had so much fun that they stayed until past 11PM.  I dragged her out for “Just one more dance!”

Darling, save the last dance for me.   We had the band play Your Song.

M+D: Anniversary Dance

The Anniversary Dance kicked off the third dance set.  Although we still have our last course, the music never stopped.  By this time, everyone was ready to celebrate.

The winners of the anniversary dance were Denton’s fraternal grandparents.

They have been married for 61 years.

My in-laws were on the dance floor all night long.

Towards the end of the night, the boas came back out.

My Greek Mom was doing all sorts of crazy things to Denton.  It was HILARIOUS!

The pictures that mean the most to me are the ones where people are just having a good time.

My Maid of Honor doesn’t normally dance.  I was so happy she was out there all night long.

A slow song with my Greek Mom.

M+D: Mille Grazie y Mangia!

After the second set of dancing, Denton and I went up to say thank you to all of our guests.  It meant a lot for everyone to be there, especially since our guest list was 80% out of town.  I also reminded guests to pace themselves as there was an after party!

The entree, a duet of a filet mignon and crab cake, was served.   I asked the hotel to serve me two crab cakes.  Of course, I was so overwhelmed that I barely finished my first one!

My “oldest” (read longest) friend, Kim on her way back to her seat.

Everytime we sat down for another course, there was much to be discussed!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had the candy buffet set out since the beginning of the evening.  By the time dinner came along, everyone had already raided it at least once.  

We had three different types of candy containers: glassine bags, small red chinese  to go containers, and large white chinese to go containers.  To make them look cohesive, we did a very easy DIY heat embossing project.

M+D: Dancing between the Courses

After the toasts and the salad course, the second dance set began.  The dance set began with the Mother Son dance.

Denton’s Mother, Susan, was so excited for the dance. She picked the song “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You” by Van Morrison, her favorite artist.

Denton and his Mother are very close. They both smiled the entire time.

Although it looks like we aren’t paying attention, us girls were talking about how sweet they looked up there.

Briana watches her Brother and Mother during the dance.

It was past 9:30PM, we hadn’t even gotten to the entree yet, but everyone was out cutting a rug. Here is our Officiant, looking a lot less official.

Sweet Caroline is sure to get the crowd going.

Bum Bum Bum… It was one of the hits of the night! 

Denton isn’t a big dancer so he opted not to dance during some of the “girly” songs.

However, he will always dance to a slow song.  Here he is with my (now our) Sister-in-Law, Justine.

Other guests opted to hit the candy bar. Instead of waiting to serve it after the entree, we left it open all night long.  Who says you have to wait for dessert?

M+D: Toasts

Once we finished cutting the cake, the second course was served.  Since salad courses doesn’t last as long as other courses, we had our Maid of Honor and Best Man give the toasts.

Ladies first, the Maid of Honor started the evening off.

At this point, my Nichole said, “Sorry, Denton. Jordan Knight is supposed to be in that chair.” I about died of laughter along with the rest of the room.

Then, the mushy stuff came.  It was the best toast ever.

I went to get up to giver he a hug but she bent over and gave me one instead.  

Brian, who was married a mere five weeks before us, gave a great toast immediately following Nichole.

Brian started the toast off with a line about how once Denton starting to date me, he suddenly went from heading off to the bar to heading off to Thailand for 3 weeks.

Denton and I appreciated the warm wishes and heartfelt messages.