Lizzie + Chase

Lizzie and Chase are a fantastic couple! I feel so lucky that I was apart of their wedding day. Planning the big event was such fun with Lizzie’s keen design eye.  The couple had a wonderful day that flew by in the blink of an eye.  Steve Koo was right in the middle of the action, documenting the whole thing.


After the grand bubble-laden ceremony exit, the newlyweds and their bridal party traversed the city for pictures, and then everyone met up at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for the reception.

The sign of a great wedding is when the end of the night comes and people don’t want the party to stop. That is exactly what happened when Lizzie and Chase’s special day came to a close. The couple and their guests had a fantastic time, and the night proved to be absolutely unforgettable.
 DJ: DJ Harsh
Hair and Make-up: Sonia Roselli Beauty
 Photobooth: Fotio
Photographer: Steve Koo

Wedding of Nicole & John

My friends, Nicole and Jon were married this summer at the Nature Museum. The wedding was lovely. Nicole had her friend from college, Maribeth Romslo, as her photographer. I thought Maribeth did a stunning job! Here are some pictures:

I love this photo but it really captures the ambiance of the Nature Musuem. You’re surrounded by nature but there are urban touches.

I love this parasol with Nicole in her gorgeous J.Crew gown. The gown is very Nicole- simple, chic, and romantic.

In lieu of floral centerpieces, there was a cake on each table!

Here is a great picture of the set-up of the room. The linens were gorgeous!

I love this picture of me and Denton during the cocktail hour.

Such a gorgeous picture! It is very romantic– and reminds me of Nicole.

The couple chose to sit with their family instead of at a head table.

During the toasts, the photographer caught me winking at Denton. I do it all of the time so it is sort of special that she caught it! It’s Denton’s favorite picture of all time.