To Keep or Not To Keep?

Are you going to keep your maiden name?  It’s a big decision for every bride.  

I was adamant that I would keep my name. At 31, I felt that I had been “Misse Daniel” for way too long to become “Melissa Jacobs”.  I did consider using both names (hyphenating without the hyphenate) because I love the way our last names sound together.  That said, I opted to keep my name.  
I would more open to changing my name if the term “nee” was still around.  Nee?  It is a term used (pronounced “nay”) that was used to indicate a maiden name e.g. “Michelle Obama nee Robinson”.  I think it is a wonderful way to keep both names.  Plus, it could fit on a business card.  Here is a wiki post.

What do you think?