Magazines, how I love thee.

I am addicted to magazines. I read them in bed, on trains and buses, when I’m waiting in line or waiting at the doctor’s. I read them between client appointments too. Currently, I subscribe to:

(18) CS Brides
(19) CS

So it only makes sense that Online Magazines are my latest addiction. I have been reading Lonny for ever. My latest reads are Matchbook, Adore and Highgloss. Below are some of my inspirations!

  • Loving this entire spread. I own that Kate Spade vase and while that isn’t my exact sofa, the color is a perfect match. Oh, and I’ve had those Jonathan Adler stools on my Wish List forever.
  • Was pleased to see that I’m not the only person that still uses Juicy Tubes but was then horrified to see Chelsea Handler‘s choice in body lotions. Ugh! Maybe I should give up Juicy Tube collection?
  • Agreed with about most of this article regarding investment pieces. Most recently, I purchased a Burberry trench (#1) and feel validated by my decision. But #2 and #8 do nothing for me. Loved it but…
  • But if you really want the ultimate shopping list, turn to page 38 of Matchbook. I actually printed the checkoff list and am the proud owner of 29 items. I never considered myself a classic kind of girl but this list just speaks to me.
Hopefully, you can enjoy some of these online magazines for some inspiration.

Fashionista Favorite enters the wedding business…

Every once in awhile, I get a bride that books my services without every meeting me in person. I find that fascinating since I can’t even commit to buying socks online. I’m too much of a toucher/inspector to trust an online image. Luckily, the world is geared more towards her than moi.

If you are looking for a fabulous gown and want to get it online, check out The Wedding Boutique at NET-A-PORTER.COM. They offer the most fabulous options starting at $229 up to the $15k mark. The selection is well edited although I was surprised that they opted to include these as an option. There are also some fun categories, such as “Classic Bride” and “Fashion Forward Bride”.

If I was getting married on a beach, I would totally rock this dress.
I never understand why girls wear big or heavy dresses for their beach wedding.

Very similar to my second dress, I adore this dress. I would have totally worn this to this dress to my other wedding. What wedding is that? The one where we have an intimate reception with drinks before flying off in a jet plane.

I love a fabulous short dress. You’d have to be stick skinny to pull this one off but I love the poofiness of this fabulous frock. Made by Lanvin, Alber (the brand’s head designer) is after my heart yet again.

Paperless Invitations

You don’t have to read my column every day to realize that I love paper.  I prefer to send out printed invitations, even for things like birthday parties.  That said, not everyone feels the same way.  

If you want to send out an electronic invitation but you don’t want to use Evite, there is a new option: Pingg.  With the motto of “Well Sent” Pingg offers a variety of fun things:
  • URL can be copied and pasted into emails (it isn’t two hundred plus characters either!)
  • Ability to host photos through Flicker
  • Use of an image from their Plus gallery
  • Designer Series, which includes Martha Stewart
  • Surround Send : allows event to be sent via email, SMS, Twitter, and Flicker
I actually just hosted my first Pingg event, a trunk show for eco-conscious brand, Doucette Duvall.  It was a fabulous way to send out invitations to the event without having to kill a single tree.

Color Me Pretty

Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color. For more than 40 years, Pantone has been inspiring design professionals with products, services and leading technology for the colorful exploration and expression of creativity.

Pantone has this amazing tool called myColor my Idea. It allows you to post your color schemes online as well as peruse ideas from others. They also have celebrities, like Patricia Field, design a color.

I love colors. In fact, picking my color scheme was quite an ordeal. My plan to do a monochromatic color scheme is not something you see that often. A great tool is myPANTONE! I was lucky enough to be able to use a specific Pantone color for my wedding invitations and ceremony programs. We used 7-o4-U, a deep scarlet color.

Signature Drinks

Having a signature drink at your reception? Me too!

If you don’t know what a signature drink it, it is a drink created for the wedding reception. It can be a classic drink renamed to honor the couple. For example, if the couple’s last name is Smith, they could name the drink “Smith-tini” for a martini based drink. Other couples have an entire menu of drinks. It is very common to have a Something Old (Martinis), Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Since our color scheme was scarlet, I was hoping to find the perfect ruby red drink. This helpful website, the Drinkalizer, helps you find the drink. My criteria was that the drink be read and have either vodka or champagne.

The problem? I am completely overwhelmed. I enlisted the help of my husband. He found the perfect drink! We tried it at our tasting and agreed that it was delicious!

Want to try it?

  • 3 Parts Champagne
  • 1 Part Vodka
  • 1 Part Chambord
  • 1 Sugar Cube
  • Frozen Raspberry Garnish

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Like many signature drinks, I wanted to have a name. I’ve seen a lot of cute concepts over the past few years. I’m more of a Champagne drinker versus a Martini drinker. The two most popular champagne drinks are Mimosa’s or Bellini’s. After putting the entire bridal party on the project, we came up with the Misse-lini.

To let everyone know about the drink, we had drink tags created from For Your Party. The staff at the Hotel graciously tied the tags to each drink. It was a huge hit!

Here are the two ideas we opted NOT to do. Feel free to steal them. I would be happy if another couple could use these ideas!

Besides having a tasty drink, you want a visual stunning drink. What adds style them having a flower into your drink! In it? Yes! Wild Hibiscus sells flowers that are completely edible. Doesn’t it look very cool?

The other idea was to use a Lite Cube. A light cube can go into your drink to give it some color. The cube is similar to an ice cube and completely safe in drinks. The cube can also be printed with your monogram.

Wordsearch Puzzle

Not sure what to put in your out of town gift bag stuffer? How about a wordseach puzzle! It’s a free and easy DIY project.

For our puzzle, we came up with a list of about 30 words that had to do with our wedding. Once you are done, the website generates the website as a PDF.

Since I love cool web tools, I used Snag-It to copy and “snag” the wordsearch into Microsoft Word. Then, I am going to make a header using my monogram. I haven’t picked out my monogram yet!

Rain or Sunshine?

Do you know what the weather is going to be like on your wedding date? can tell you!

It’s free and faily easy. After you create a user account on the website, go to the wedding module. The website allows you to plug in multiple days too. For example, I put in my August engagement party in Indianapolis.

The website will show you the all time high and all time low, averages for the month, as well as sunrise and sunset information. In addition, it will show the hourly tempature for the past three years.