Obsessed with Photos

Before getting engaged, I would spend hours looking over wedding photography blogs and admiring all of the beautiful pictures. So once I was engaged, finding a photographer was at the top of my list. I wanted a photojournalist that could capture the special moments throughout the day. I searched a lot of websites and narrowed it down to 3 different photographers that were in our budget. After interviewing them, we decided to go with Steve Koo Photography! We are very excited and can’t wait to shoot our engagement pictures. He also happens to be married to another Honey Bee Wedding Day-of-Coordinator. ūüôā

Below are a few of my favorite pictures that I found on WPJA, which is a great website for photography inspiration!

I love the lighting and cute moment captured in this engagement picture!

One of the reasons I wanted a second photographer was to have photographs of my fiance and his groomsman getting ready like the photo above.

These make me so excited to have a winter wedding. I hope the weather is as beautiful as it is in these pictures!

I can’t wait to blog about our engagement pictures. We are hoping to shoot them in May!

Home Project #1 – We love our hallway.

Well, we did. We finished our first home project. The walls are painted and we have our collage of photos up. Both of us are very pleased with the final result.

View of the hallway, coming from the front of the house.

Some of the images, up close and the other angle

View of photos when you walk out of the nursery.

My favorite photo of all time.
What’s up next? The Guest Bedroom!

Home Project #1 — Fabulous Hallways

I am sure that there are people that can get home projects done in a matter of minutes. Isn’t that what these blogs and home decor shows lead you to believe?
Lies, all lies.
The one home project I was looking forward to was decorating our upstairs hallwall with photos from our past travels. While not quite as bad as when we tried to line our wedding invitation envelopes, it’s a close second and definitely in the same level of Dante’s hell.

Here were the steps involved:

  • Get inspired. I found mine and posted about it here.
  • Pick the photos. This took an incredible amount of time but was fun for the both of us. Since it was on our past travels, we had to put in a serious amount of time deliberating on how many photos from India VS Turkey. Hours people, hours went into this step.
  • Buy the frames. We went with classic black frames from IKEA.
  • Match the photos to the frame. There were some photos that were meant to be displayed at the 4×6 size while others were deemed worthy of an 8×10. Another chunk of time spent deliberating.
  • Contemplate what color to paint the hallway so that the photos would the focal point.
  • Have the walls painted by our fabulous painter.
  • Denton made cut-outs of the photos and hung on the wall for us to make sure that we like the arrangement. Ultimately, we decided to align the photos to an invisible line that was parallel to the windows. The arrangement took quite a bit of time and even some online research.
  • Deliberate the arrangements and bite our nails at the prospect of marring our hallway walls.
  • Bite the bullet and hang the photos.

I’ll post photos tomorrow of the finished hallway!

Photo Collages

Our new home has two really long hallways. I love them because I finally have a place to display all of our favorite photos. I already wrote about my plans awhile ago. Here are some photos to use as inspiration!

In the next few weeks, I plan on blogging about the home improvement projects we’ve done in each of the rooms. It’s is, after two months, finally starting to come together!

This is so fantastic for an entryway!
The entryway for our new home, sadly, is probably my least favorite part of our new home. I kept this photo around for inspiration. I love that the photos are black and white but the color comes from different style frames.

I ended up going with all of the same frames — similar to this photo. But I added different sizes to add more depth.

I kept this photo around as a what NOT to do — I think the photos are too small for the space. I would have redone this space in a different way. Remember: go big!

I love love the photo on the left. This is closer to what I plan on doing! Black and white with some color photos, all with the same frames.

This is a bit too much. They spent the time to stripe the walls, add a coat rack, some fabulous artwork and yet left the hideous light fixture. Plus, I think it is too busy.

Picking the photos for the upstairs hallway had taken a tremendous amount of time. We went through hundreds of photos from our trips (5 international plus two dozen within the US) to narrow it down to 31 photos. Finally, we had to pick the size we wanted the photo. It is a ton of work! We’re off to CostCo today to pick up the photos and put them in the frames. I hope that all of our efforts pay off.

Who doesn’t love a house full of photos?

The New York Times had a great article about using your snapshots to decorate your home. If you considering using your wedding photos, make sure to buy the rights from your photographer. You can use the photos in many ways besides the standard picture on the thank you card!

The article highlights using Shutterfly for large prints. Personally, I prefer CostCo. I am absolutely in love with CostCo – and printing photos at a low price is just one of the many reasons.

Our new home has two long hallways. My plan is to do a collage of photos of us and the baby for the downstairs to give it a more casual feel. For the upstairs, I am going to get prints of photos from our trips. Here is one of my favorites.

Amazing Contest: Enter today!

Paula Leme is having an amazing giving away that is valued at $5,300 that includes wedding day coverage by paula leme and a second shooter, engagement session, day after session, and 400+ retouched files. See, I told you it was amazing. Since Paula is based out of Michigan, the bride and groom will provide travel expenses from Michigan & 3 nights hotel if outside the Berrien County area.

How do you enter? Email Paula at paula@paulaleme.com with the following information:
  • wedding date and location
  • photo of both of you
  • details such as color scheme and the theme of your wedding

Paula is selecting the winner will be evaluated based on creativity and originality! The deadline is December 13th, 2009. Winner will be announced on New Year’s Day!

Deals + Happy Anniversary

Mr. Stacey is turning 5!  To celebrate, Stacey and Yola are offering $500 off any of their packages. Click here to go to their blog for more details!

Congratulations!!  I love your work.  Below are some images from their blog.

Green Weddings: Photography

Vrai, home of one of my favorite photographers, Kristina, is focusing on green weddings.  Kristina is a regular contributor to the Eco Photo Blog.  Additionally, Kristina is now part of Blue List, which is a collective of photographer across the country.  Vrai is based in Chicago but will travel to any location.
Here are some examples of her recent work.