Paperless Invitations

You don’t have to read my column every day to realize that I love paper.  I prefer to send out printed invitations, even for things like birthday parties.  That said, not everyone feels the same way.  

If you want to send out an electronic invitation but you don’t want to use Evite, there is a new option: Pingg.  With the motto of “Well Sent” Pingg offers a variety of fun things:
  • URL can be copied and pasted into emails (it isn’t two hundred plus characters either!)
  • Ability to host photos through Flicker
  • Use of an image from their Plus gallery
  • Designer Series, which includes Martha Stewart
  • Surround Send : allows event to be sent via email, SMS, Twitter, and Flicker
I actually just hosted my first Pingg event, a trunk show for eco-conscious brand, Doucette Duvall.  It was a fabulous way to send out invitations to the event without having to kill a single tree.