Write the Best Vows Ever with XO Juliet

It can be difficult, making a declaration of undying love to your soon-to-be-spouse, trying to translate all the speechless moments into words. It is even more difficult to do it in front of an audience of your families and friends.  Enter Xo Juliet.

XO Juliet services assist brides and grooms to overcome their public speaking jitters and their tongue-tied nerves on their wedding day. 

Started by Alexis Dent, XO Juliet offers a range of services, from a personalized questionnaire to phone calls with consultants to even public speaking coaching. XO Juliet is a one-stop shop for everyone who needs help translating their feelings into words for their biggest moment. 

Photo by Dennis Lee Photography

XO Juliet not only helps with the vow writing for brides and grooms, but also provides services for the best man, maid of honor, parents, and even the officiants to create their best toasts for the big day. 

Take a full look at their services on their website here. Use the code HoneyBeeWeddings to get a special discount. 

Happy Vow Writing!