Chicago Restaurant Week 2018

It’s Restaurant Week in Chicago! As a fellow foodie,  I just know that Chicago has a ton of delicious food and drinks. With set menus that offer tastings, Restauarant Week is definitely

More than that, however, it’s a great way to find out your next wedding venue. Enjoy the restaurant’s highlights as you scope out a venue for your big day, whether it’s for the engagement party, the reception, or everything in between.

Here are some of my favorite restaurants that double as beautiful venues that have offerings during Restaurant Week:

Booth One – Used to be called the Pump Room, Booth One has been reinvented to feature new decor, lighting, and a revamped menu. With a dining area and a bar area, emphasized by neutral colors and tones, this place would be a wonderful place for a small, intimate gathering.

Booth One’s renovated bar area

Cafe des Architectes – While the food is devine, Cafe des Architectes doesn’t necessarily host receptions. It is, however, located in Hotel Sofitel, a hotel right of the Magnificent Mile that has a great view of the skyline. Mariana and Matt held their reception in the Sofitel Hotel and they came with gorgeous photos.

Sofitel Hotel

Carnivale – A bright, fun spot in West Loop, Carnivale can host anything from the bachelorette party to the reception. With a rather large space, colorful wall decorations, and a staircase for the perfect dramatic entrance, Carnivale could be a perfect backdrop for a classic or a uniquely extraordinary wedding venue for dancing the night away.


The Lobby at the Peninsula Hotel: While the restaurant itself doesn’t necessarily act as venue, The Lobby is situated right within the Peninsula Hotel, a venue that I’ve frequented many times myself. Enjoy yourself a nice lunch, then walk through the hotel to find the gorgeous spots perfect for formal photos, ceremonies, and receptions. Check out Kathy and Jason’s wedding that was held at the Peninsula Hotel.

The Lobby at Peninsula Hotel

Quartino’s – A classic Italian restaurant with two-stories, Quartino’s is a Chicago favorite located right off Michigan Avenue. While the space not quite large enough for a full reception, Quartino’s can provide the meeting area for the smaller, more intimate wedding-related events, from the engagement party to the welcome dinner to the bachelorette party.

Quartino’s Dining Hall

ZED 451 – With a sophisticated atmosphere and nearly 18,000 square feet to offer, ZED 451 can accommodate up to 500 seated guests for any type of intimate affair. The private dining room comes with a round table bar and modern decor for the loveliest wedding receptions and events. Susan and Conrad held their reception here and the photos are stunning.

Happy eating and venue hunting!

My Bachelorette Party

My lovely maids decided to combine a few of my favorite things: italian food, champagne, hotels.

The four of us started the night out at the James Hotel. We hung out and then got ready for the big night out. What better way to start out the night than to drink some champagne? (This will be a reoccuring theme for the night!)

Around 6ish, my friends arrived for a personal shower. My bridesmaids had the most fun goodie bags! They included all sort of fun things including nail art. I put on some stickers that spelled “M + J”. Since my husband’s name ends with J, this is a sign of the state I was in my 7pm!

Since I was really adament about not wanting to wear anything “bachelorette party-esque”, I was told to wear something in a really bright color. It turns out that everyone else wore black. It was much more chic than the group of girls we saw that evening in matching fuschia T-Shirts with boas, in my opinion.

After the shower, we headed to Quartino’s for dinner. Quartino’s is a great place for a family style dinner. I would highly recommend this venue for group dining.

Once dinner was finished, we headed to Pops For Champagne, a great lounge for champagne, of course! We had a toast at the beginning of the night- which was probably one of the highlights of the evening for me.

Just as more things are being accepted across the board for weddings, the same is true for bachelorette parties. I am so glad that we did something that was very “me” than a more “traditional” bachelorette party.