Clare + Tom, the party…

Yesterday, I posted about Clare + Tommy’s morning.
Today’s post is going to focus on their gorgeous wedding reception!
In lieu of traditional escort cards, the couple tied labels to Izze bottles of soda.

For their signature drink, the couple ordered custom stir sticks…

… as well as custom napkins.

I am never a fan of a boring guest book. Clare + Tommy had a gorgeous framed photo made for them on etsy.

The room was lovely! With the long tables, the bride worked with Scarlet Petal to come up with the most gorgeous decor. When guests brought their bottles of Izze soda, it just made the table look more colorful!

A close-up of the flowers. Like me, Clare favors dense arrangements.

I love this shade of sherbert orange used for the card box.

The couple’s cake was very chic and modern.

Since the venue boasted an extra long bar, the couple set the candy buffet at the far end in lieu of favors.

It was a sweet treat for the guests to take home that evening.

Clare + Tommy, I had a wonderful time spending your wedding day with you!

M+D: The Cocktail Hour

Post Ceremony, we were busy!  First, we wanted to have a few minutes alone. There is a small conference room that we snuck into without telling anyone where we went.  It was nice to be alone (even without the photographer)!
Escaping from there ceremony.

Then, there were family portraits.  Since we had to take photos with four set of families, our Day of Coordinator, Marilyn, got everyone upstairs to take the photos.  We had a quick and efficient system to get all of the photos taken and were able to get 20 family portraits taken under 12 minutes.
One of the many family portraits…

Afterward, I headed up stairs to get un-veiled and bustled.  The Catering Manager was kind enough to have hors d’oeuvres and champagne brought up.  It was a fun especially since there was only a half dozen of us.
Up to the Stardust Suite.

Denton pours us some champagne.

The veil is off. Thank goodness! It drove me crazy after a few hours.

This photo makes both of us laugh.
Denton is giving me a look like “yeah, you better love that ring” while I admiring it.

Being bustled by three of my ladies.

Finally, we joined the party!
It was so awesome to come downstairs and see everyone having a great time.

Since the room has a baby grand, we opted to hire a pianist to play during the cocktail hour.

To keep with the black and white theme, the escort cards had a damask border.

I’m totally happy that I bought the personalized napkins and matches from For Your Party! They were pricey but worth it.

Our Signature Drink, the Misselini.  I stole the drink tag idea from Martha Stewart.

The photobooth was packed during the cocktail hour.  

Signature Drinks

Having a signature drink at your reception? Me too!

If you don’t know what a signature drink it, it is a drink created for the wedding reception. It can be a classic drink renamed to honor the couple. For example, if the couple’s last name is Smith, they could name the drink “Smith-tini” for a martini based drink. Other couples have an entire menu of drinks. It is very common to have a Something Old (Martinis), Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

Since our color scheme was scarlet, I was hoping to find the perfect ruby red drink. This helpful website, the Drinkalizer, helps you find the drink. My criteria was that the drink be read and have either vodka or champagne.

The problem? I am completely overwhelmed. I enlisted the help of my husband. He found the perfect drink! We tried it at our tasting and agreed that it was delicious!

Want to try it?

  • 3 Parts Champagne
  • 1 Part Vodka
  • 1 Part Chambord
  • 1 Sugar Cube
  • Frozen Raspberry Garnish

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Like many signature drinks, I wanted to have a name. I’ve seen a lot of cute concepts over the past few years. I’m more of a Champagne drinker versus a Martini drinker. The two most popular champagne drinks are Mimosa’s or Bellini’s. After putting the entire bridal party on the project, we came up with the Misse-lini.

To let everyone know about the drink, we had drink tags created from For Your Party. The staff at the Hotel graciously tied the tags to each drink. It was a huge hit!

Here are the two ideas we opted NOT to do. Feel free to steal them. I would be happy if another couple could use these ideas!

Besides having a tasty drink, you want a visual stunning drink. What adds style them having a flower into your drink! In it? Yes! Wild Hibiscus sells flowers that are completely edible. Doesn’t it look very cool?

The other idea was to use a Lite Cube. A light cube can go into your drink to give it some color. The cube is similar to an ice cube and completely safe in drinks. The cube can also be printed with your monogram.