Paperless Post

I have never been a fan of Save The Dates.

I think they are cute and a great way to show off new engagement pictures but totally not necessary. My fiance and I immediately knew we weren’t going to be sending them and was happy to save the few hundred dollars. However, the majority of our guests are from out of town and I needed to inform them of our hotel accommodations.

Instead of doing a video announcement through email, which was our first idea, we decided to use Paperless Post. Paperless Post let us link to our website, with the click of a button.

Click this link to sign-up, its free!

We agreed on the design above. I love how it says “Mark Your Calendar” instead of Save The Date. We were able to completely customize the text and put the following information on the card.

Samantha M and Kyle R
are getting married

Friday, December 16th

in Chicago, IL
Formal Invitation to Follow

For accommodations and other information, please visit

Then, once your card has been sent, they have a delivery page that tracks all the cards. I can see who has opened it, what emails bounced, and who deleted the email. It also offers a spot for any comments which a lot of people have been making and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading them!

Cookies + Date

If you are a regular reader, then you know that I am not a fan of save the dates. That said, I saw this cookies and fell in love! They are so adorable! The Flour Pot will also make a cookie with your monogram on it for less than $4 per cookie. I think they would be perfect for an engagement party or to ask your bridal party to save the date!

No Thank You… (What I Don’t Want)

After coming up with yet another “must have”, my dear fiancé turned to me and said, is there anything that you don’t want??

Well, yes, there is, actually!

Cake Toppers

In general, I’m just not a fan of them. We have decided we want the cake to be beautiful on its own. This means that the baker is going to add more design…which may actually cost us more money in the long run. But hey! It IS something that I do not want at our wedding.


Neither of us like videography. I sort of hate it after an incident where a videographer literally knocked me off the dance floor –without an apology– so that he could get a better shot of the bride.

Besides, I feel that they ruin the ambiance. There is always a lot of equipment and they seem to get in the way. Long before the official proposal, we both agreed: no videographer.

Save the Dates — STDs

I have a little theory as to why STDs have become so popular in the last few years. As a new bride-to-be, you have a lot of energy. You want to do something for your wedding. You decide to create STDs!

Seriously though, I cannot begin to express why I despise them so much. Here’s a few of the reasons:

  1. Couples send STDs to everyone on their wedding list. Six months down the road, they realize that they want to cut their guest list. They cannot, however, since they sent that person a STD.
  2. A lot of girls try to save money when making their STDs. I’m all for saving money– but some of the STDs are tacky. The STD is the first “taste” of your wedding. Do you want that first “taste” to be cheap? If you can’t afford them, cut them from your budget! For the $75 you spend on STDs, you can put that money towards upgrading your wedding jewelry, calligraphy for your invitations, etc.
  3. I don’t think many guests actually save the date. If someone is going to attend your wedding, they probably already know the date from talking to you. If someone doesn’t know your date, that probably means that they don’t know you very well. If that person doesn’t know you very well, then they are probably not going to save the date for you.

Is there anything that you don’t want at your wedding?