Julie + Frank’s Salvage One Wedding

Bright, bold and beautiful, Julie and Frank’s W Chicago wedding featured some of 2018’s biggest upcoming trends. This fun-loving couple incorporated set their summer ceremony and their reception with a great positive vibes

Photographer: Steve Koo Photography 
Videographer: Amor in Motion 
Reception: Salvage One 

After the ceremony, the couple moved to Salvage one for their reception. The decor featured a bold palette with simple decor, juxtaposing the two in order to create a bright and fun atmosphere. 

Julie and Frank’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of a wonderful couple. I was so glad to be chosen to help make their dreams a reality. 

Lizzie + Chase

Lizzie and Chase are a fantastic couple! I feel so lucky that I was apart of their wedding day. Planning the big event was such fun with Lizzie’s keen design eye.  The couple had a wonderful day that flew by in the blink of an eye.  Steve Koo was right in the middle of the action, documenting the whole thing.


After the grand bubble-laden ceremony exit, the newlyweds and their bridal party traversed the city for pictures, and then everyone met up at The Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for the reception.

The sign of a great wedding is when the end of the night comes and people don’t want the party to stop. That is exactly what happened when Lizzie and Chase’s special day came to a close. The couple and their guests had a fantastic time, and the night proved to be absolutely unforgettable.
 DJ: DJ Harsh
Hair and Make-up: Sonia Roselli Beauty
 Photobooth: Fotio
Photographer: Steve Koo

Sam and Kyle: Reception

Part 3:  Ceremony and Cocktails

Kyle and I had the best night of our lives.  We were so thrilled to see our guests enjoying themselves. It was surreal seeing all my hard work fall in to place. I definitely had my dream wedding!

All photos by Steve Koo Photography.

As the guests entered the reception, they picked up their escort card. I embossed 3 white snow flakes and then my mom wrote the names of each guests in black.

Our gift table was also where we put the wine guest book. We decided to display the Merci sign during the reception. I thought it was perfect for the table.

I previously blogged about these lovely cake pops that were our favors. I can’t thank my mom enough for making all 150 in one day. They were a hit!

Using the same silver paper, I made menu cards for each place setting. We also decided to bring in silver linen. At first, I didn’t think it was necessary but I am SO thankful I spent the money. It made such a difference in the decor.

I previously blogged about the table numbers which were cities we’ve visited together. I decided on the silver stands which I think went great with the linen.

We were so happy the way our cake turned out!

Now it was finally time to enjoy the party. This is one of my favorite wedding photos! We were so excited!

The guests were clinging glasses all night.

My sister’s toast was the best that I have ever heard. A small part of it was about gifts Kyle has given me in our relationship. Unfortunately, when we were in high school, I thought this blanket was a good idea. I was shocked when my sister brought it out.  Our guests thought it was hilarious!

She was an amazing MOH.

I had to post this picture because of our expressions. Right before we were about to cut it Kyle told me he was going to smoosh it all over my face. Clearly, I didn’t like that idea and was telling him be better not. I’m glad he listed to me!

The first dance was one of the only moments where I felt like Kyle and I were the only ones in the room.

My dad and I dancing to Forever Young by Rod Stewart.

Then, it was Kyle and his mom’s turn.

Finally, after a great meal it was time to dance. We had such a great time dancing the night away!

Kyle hugging it out with his best friend/groomsmen. This picture makes me laugh every time!

The end of the night quickly came but this picture sums everything up for me. Kyle and I together surrounded by our friends and family.

We had the perfect day!

Sam and Kyle: Ceremony and Cocktails

Part 1: Getting Ready!
Part 2: First Look and City Photos

After the bridal party finished taking photos throughout the city, we went to Spiaggia and started our family formals. It was so much fun walking into Spiaggia and seeing everyone hard at work making my vision come to life!

All photos taken by Steve Koo Photography.

 Kyle and me with his family.

Kyle and me with my family.

I made these tissue pouches for every other chair at the ceremony. I picked up the paper and labels at Papersource and saw the design in a Martha Stewart wedding magazine.

My programs ended up being one of my favorites wedding item, which is ironic because prior to my engagement, I was not a paper person. That embossed whimsical silver wreath is gorgeous!

This is right before we walked down the aisle. I was so excited and ready!

Here are the moms lighting the first candles of the unity candle right after they walked down the aisle.

One last poof of the veil before I walk down. I have to say walking down the aisle was overwhelming.  Right before we were about to begin, I made my dad stop because the song that I obsessed over wasn’t at the exact moment. This was one of the few times the planner in me came out.

This picture perfectly captures the moment of my dad giving me away.

Steve did a great job of not only taking photos of our emotions but also the guests. This is Kyle’s grandmother who usually is not a crier…

…and my parents taking it all in.

A great room shot. I was obsessed with my baby’s breath centerpieces which lined the aisle during the ceremony.

Kyle and I lighting the unity candle to Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath.

The most romantic kiss!

This was right after the kiss. I had to post it because I love the lighting and the expression on our faces.

We are finally Mr. and Mrs. Roemer!

Right after the ceremony Kyle and I snuck into a room just the two of us. This is us walking there and me looking at him saying, “We did it!”

Our bridal party after the ceremony. They were happy to make it through, too!

Our guests enjoying the live Irish Music during the cocktail hour.
Steve got some great family pictures and this is one of them with my two aunts and great aunt!

Kyle and I joined our guests for the cocktail hour. I am so glad we did participated instead of taking photos. We were both able to visit with so many guests during this time.

Then right before the cocktail hour ended, Kyle and I took a quick look at the reception room.  It was another one of my favorite moments!

Next, I will finish with one last post about my reception!

Sam + Kyle’s Wedding: First Look and City Photos!

Part 1: Getting Ready!

All pictures were taken by the amazing Steve Koo Photography.

The morning of my wedding was a blast, but after I was all dressed up I could hardly wait to see Kyle. The first look was one of my favorite parts of the day. I can’t explain the excitement I was feeling.

We decided to do our look outside behind the hotel, where it was a little more private.

Here I am, walking up to Kyle, just before I tap him on the shoulder!

Right before the look, Steve was great and told us to take as much time as we needed . We stood there for what felt like forever just taking it all in!

One last hug and we were off to meet our bridal party.

We kept saying to each other throughout the day that we couldn’t believe the day was really happening!

Our first stop in the city was the classic Board of Trade. I love this photo!

In lieu of a traditional thank you card, I had Jackie from Shambora Studio’s create this Merci sign that we will use as our thank you card. She did an amazing job!

After the Board of Trade, we went to Millennium Park for more photos. It was a cold day so any chance we could, us girls would get close to keep warm.

After the park on our way up Michigan Avenue to Spiaggia, we jumped in the median for this awesome picture!

Right before we headed up to Spiaggia, Steve had just Kyle and I go accross the street to a small park for a few more pictures. I love this one of us crossing the street. My veil got in the way a lot through out the day!

There is this gorgeous gazebo outside of Spiaggia and Steve captured some amazing photos of Kyle and I underneath it. I love the lights and the dark sky!

Next up, ceremony and cocktail hour!

Sam + Kyle’s Wedding: Getting Ready!

I am SO excited to finally blog about my wedding! It was the best day of my life! Kyle and I were surrounded with our best friends and family and felt the love the entire time. Our vendors were amazing and everything went off without any problems. Surprisingly, I didn’t get stressed out and was able to fully enjoy every moment. When people say the day goes by fast, they are not lying!

The first blog is about getting ready and before the first look.

All pictures were taken by the amazing Steve Koo Photography.

I bought this hanger off of etsy to hang my gown before getting dressed. I saw one similar on a blog and felt thought it was too cute to pass up. 

I found my earrings at a trade store near my apartment. I loved them and thought they would compliment my gown perfectly.

For my something blue, I used a hat pin from my great grand-mother and pinned it in my bouquet.

I actually lasted until about 11PM wearing these 4 inch gems. Buying them 6 months before the wedding and wearing them around my apartment once a week to break them in was worth it.

I had the best glam team! Rebecca from Sonia Roselli did my make up and was putting finishing touches on me after I finally got into my dress. Also, Liv Caporale did my hair, which was exactly what I had imagined for my wedding day!

I was so excited when my bouquet arrived! It was my favorite accessory of the day…a bouquet of full, white peonies.

Here is my mom buttoning up my dress. She was so emotional all day, but I couldn’t have done it with out her!

I love this picture because it perfectly captures my bridesmaids seeing me in my dress for the first time. This was one of my favorite moments!

After I was all ready, I had to take a look for my self.

I didn’t end up wearing this sash util the reception, but we had a few moments before the first look so I put it on for some pictures. A friend from back home made this for me. It was stunning!

Here is my sister/maid of honor! She was amazing all day and so helpful.

Lastly, I have to post a picture of the guys getting ready. I’ve mentioned before on the blog how much I love “guys getting ready” pictures and here is on of my favorites! They seem to be having such a great time.

Next I will blog about the first look and city pictures!

E-Session Part 2

We received our pictures this week and are thrilled! I have looked through them more times than I can remember and am so excited to finally share them! It was hard, but I have picked out some of our favorites. Thank you again to Steve Koo! You are awesome!

Ring shot…I love these kind of pictures and was super excited when Steve asked for my ring.

The sun in this one is beautiful.

One of my favorites. The fog turned out to be pretty cool.

I saw a dandelion and had to do this…not sure if Kyle enjoyed it 🙂

Another one of my favorites. This is on the hill at Montrose Beach.

Kyle’s favorite

I can’t wait for the wedding pictures!

E-Session Part 1

Even after 10 years of dating, Kyle and I have never had professional pictures taken together. I was thrilled to finally schedule our engagement session and begin planning for it. I wanted our pictures taken in the city, but I also wanted a location that was unique and meaningful to our relationship. We both immediately agreed on HB or Home Bistro, which is one of our favorite restaurants. It is a great BYOB in Lakeview that Kyle took me to for our first Valentine’s Day in Chicago together. We have now been about 6 times in the past 2 years. They were extremely gracious and allowed us to come in while the restaurant was closed to use the entire space!

The picture is from their website and shows off the unique dining room. I always feel like we are in their family room because of the ambiance and aesthetics.

Since it is a BYOB, we brought in our own wine for the shoot. My fiance loves wine and introduced me to it on our first trip to France. It has become a hobby of ours from wine tastings, trips to vineyards, or drinking a bottle together on a Saturday night. We definitely wanted to include it in some of our pictures.

Next, we walked around Lakeview for a few minutes and finished at Montrose Harbor. Our first choice was Northerly Island because again Kyle and I have history there, but time did not permit. However, Montrose Harbor was a perfect compromise and we got some great outdoor pictures. Normally, the harbor offers a great skyline view, like the one below, but the night of our pictures there was a extremely dense fog.

Picture from google images

At the time, I was disappointed that we didn’t get a skyline shot, but after our shoot Steve Koo‘s wife, Laura, emailed me and said the pictures with the fog reminded her of Ireland! Now I just can’t wait to see how they turned out!

Obsessed with Photos

Before getting engaged, I would spend hours looking over wedding photography blogs and admiring all of the beautiful pictures. So once I was engaged, finding a photographer was at the top of my list. I wanted a photojournalist that could capture the special moments throughout the day. I searched a lot of websites and narrowed it down to 3 different photographers that were in our budget. After interviewing them, we decided to go with Steve Koo Photography! We are very excited and can’t wait to shoot our engagement pictures. He also happens to be married to another Honey Bee Wedding Day-of-Coordinator. 🙂

Below are a few of my favorite pictures that I found on WPJA, which is a great website for photography inspiration!

I love the lighting and cute moment captured in this engagement picture!

One of the reasons I wanted a second photographer was to have photographs of my fiance and his groomsman getting ready like the photo above.

These make me so excited to have a winter wedding. I hope the weather is as beautiful as it is in these pictures!

I can’t wait to blog about our engagement pictures. We are hoping to shoot them in May!