Best of Bridal Beauty’s Recap!

I have been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to blog about this fabulous bridal event.  In April, I planned the Best of Bridal Beauty Event hosted by Nicole Pearl of The Beauty The event was held at The James and was filled with an evening full of pampering. Nicole wrote about the event here.

All photos credit: Galina Shishakova

The services were over the top amazing and included manicures, massages, facial treatments, dry blowouts, airbrush tanning, makeup trials, and eyelash bar.

There were gift bags full of goodies valued over $100!

But that is not where the fun stopped… The ladies that attended had a chance to win fantastic prizes in the raffle that included: 

It was a great event and I am so excited to have had the opportunity to meet such fantastic ladies and be a part of the day! 

Interview with Jenn Dias, owner of Golden Girl

We cannot wait for Jenn, the owner of Golden Girl Chicago, to come to the Best of Bridal Beauty event at The James! Jenn has been featured at Allure, Seventeen, Michigan Avenue, as well as Life and Style.  We sat down for a few minutes to chat to her about her and her business.

First off, we LOVE your name.  Give us the 411 on how Golden Girl got started. 

Awe thank you!  When I moved to Chicago from Florida I was a pro cheerleader and had to remain tan. Following an ACL surgery I was stuck at home pale and gaining weight. I needed someone to come to me for a tan and at the time that service wasn’t offered in Chicago, so I jumped into educating myself on the mobile sunless tanning. 
We’ve all heard the terrible stories and seen those awful tans, what sets Golden Girl tans apart from others? 
I think what really sets us apart is our insistence on a believable looking tan, and the constant education we give our clients on preparation and maintenance. It’s so key!
Can you give my readers some insight on the Golden Girl experience? 
I love our clients to feel super special and the we are keenly in tune to what their needs are. Glowing above and beyond with a cheerleader’s attitude is everything for me. I love touching every detail of the client experience from sound to scents to the studio aesthetic as well as the tanning application. 
What kinds of airbrush tans do you provide? 
Our signature tan has become our express glow where clients can shower within 3 hours they love it! 
How do you match colors for different skin types?
Matching color is a similar philosophy to picking out makeup you train your eye to know skin types and undertones. All Golden Girl technicians go through skincare fundamentals with me during their training process which can take months. 
What do you suggest brides to do to get that perfect glow on their wedding day? 
Brides should tan two days prior so the tan photographs perfectly for the rehearsal dinner and the wedding day. Brides should follow our preparation instructions to a tee.
Your list of tips on your website are amazing. Should brides set up a trial appointment before their wedding day? 
Thank you I’m passionate about my tips. We love a good trial to allow clients to be perfectly comfortable with the process prior to the big day. As a future bride myself I hear how little extra you want to worry about anything that day. 
Do you have any beauty tips for brides leading up to their big day?
During the summer season protect your skin with SPF also wear the same cut swimsuit to prevent correcting tan lines before the wedding. 
What is the most exciting subject for you in terms of beauty?
Soul surfing. The wave of women becoming super proactive about their inner happiness which is parlaying into healthy skin, hair and nails by reducing stress levels. I’m seeing so many women of all ages truly do work on life balance….they are glowing, literally. 
Are there any tools or specific products that you just can’t get enough of right now?
Amika dry shampoo is SO working for me, the smell and the feel are so lovely. 
Name three products that you cannot live without:
Amika dry shampoo, Simple face wipes, and our Stay Golden lotion, not just because it’s my line but because it’s awesome for the skin and smells fab.
If you are in a rush, what is the one thing you do before leaving the house? 
PS.  An Eventful Life is giving away a ticket to our event on their blog.  Be sure to enter!

Interview with The Beauty Girl, Nicole Pearl

Earlier this week, I sat down with Nicole Pearl, the founder of The Beauty Girl to talk about our upcoming event, Best of Bridal Beauty as well as all things beauty!

What can guests be expecting at the Best of Bridal Beauty? 
Expect to be spoiled with an insane number of amazing beauty treatments from express manis and mini massages to brow tinting, dry blowouts, makeup trials, airbrush tanning and more. 
What are looking forward to most at the event? 
Where to begin…The night is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of beauty services. This is the event for the ultimate multi-tasker because you’re getting all of your beauty needs met in one place, on one night. Not to mention there will be food from David Burke, cocktails, raffle prizes and gift bags.  
Name three products that you cannot live without: Tom Ford foundation (I wear foundation for television appearances and special events), Burberry lip gloss in bright plum (the formula is saturated, glossy and the best berry I’ve found), Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Blush in Euphoria. Here’s the link to find out why it’s a favorite. 
If you are in a rush, what is the one thing you do before leaving the house?
Apply my Burberry lip gloss!
Do you have any beauty tips for brides leading up to their big day?Use a teeth whitener so your smile is pristine for photos. Don’t try any new products or treatments close to the big day in case your skin doesn’t like them. I’m not one for a french mani; I think a classic shade like Essie Mademoiselle is way more modern.

Any Day of tips? 
Prep skin with a primer before applying your makeup to help it last the night; I think wearing false lashes is a game changer. Individual lashes applied to the outer corners of your eyes will take your look to another level. Don’t overload on foundation. You want your skin to look flawless, but it should still look like skin. If you have freckles, they should still show. Apply concealer on your lips before applying your lip color. This will help you lipstick stay in place when you smooch after saying “I Do.”  

Best of Bridal Beauty at the James

Every time I go to an event hosted by Nicole Pearl of, I always have such a delightful time!  The events are filled with incredible beauty services and make for such a fun night out. Therefore, I am thrilled to announce this upcoming event, The Best of Bridal Beauty, to be held on Thursday, April 10th at the James.

The event is going to have endless (if you have the time, I dare you to try them all) services:

manicures * massages * facial treatments * dry blowouts *
airbrush tanning * makeup trials* eyelash bar

Plus everyone goes home with a luxe gift bag with over $100+ of products and gift certificates!

Sounds amazing?  Well, the raffle prizes are the icing on the cake!  We’ve put together some amazing raffle prizes including:

Please click here for tickets!