M+D: Toasts

Once we finished cutting the cake, the second course was served.  Since salad courses doesn’t last as long as other courses, we had our Maid of Honor and Best Man give the toasts.

Ladies first, the Maid of Honor started the evening off.

At this point, my Nichole said, “Sorry, Denton. Jordan Knight is supposed to be in that chair.” I about died of laughter along with the rest of the room.

Then, the mushy stuff came.  It was the best toast ever.

I went to get up to giver he a hug but she bent over and gave me one instead.  

Brian, who was married a mere five weeks before us, gave a great toast immediately following Nichole.

Brian started the toast off with a line about how once Denton starting to date me, he suddenly went from heading off to the bar to heading off to Thailand for 3 weeks.

Denton and I appreciated the warm wishes and heartfelt messages.